Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Justin Timberlake Concert

If you've known me for any length of time, you know that I have a spot in my heart reserved for Justin Timberlake.  Don't worry - Matt knows.  Trust me, he knows.  ;)  I've been a fan since the N'Sync days (I know, I know).  Last May, Emily suggested that we get tickets and go see him this year.  Umm...duh!  The tickets were just about to go on sale, so we had time to get a little plan together.  The day that they went on sale, I was working, so she was going to get the tickets for us.  She actually ended up talking to Matt and they surprised me by getting pretty awesome seats.  We ended up getting seat for me and Laura (in the awesome zone), and then Emily, and her sister and brother-in-law got seats in a different area.  We bought the tickets in May, but the concert wasn't until December.

They day before the concert, Emily got back in town from a trip and one of her kids was sick.  She ended up having to sell her ticket and miss the concert (boo!!), but we didn't let that stop us from a wonderful time!  I left work about 1:30 and made the trip up to Atlanta.  The concert was at Phillip's Arena, so Laura just met me at the CNN center.

I've driven to Atlanta about a million and a half times, but I have never actually driven downtown.  I've driven through downtown, but never in it.  Not only was I driving in it for the first time, but I was driving in it by myself.  Once I got off the interstate, I was headed in the right direction when I got detoured and my GPS wouldn't recalculate!  It was SO STRESSFUL!  Thankfully, I was super early and had time to find where I was going.  Eventually, I found Laura, we parked, and we headed into the CNN center for dinner.  We ate dinner at Taco Mac and I am now in love.  Ohmygosh.  Most amazing sandwich ever.

Casey and Jordan still went to the concert, too, and we actually shared a table at dinner for a little while (they came a little later than us).  I took a picture of me and Casey, but it turned out super blurry and awful, so I deleted it.  :(

PUMPED and ready to go!

The stage was really not that far away - especially considering the size of the arena.  

Here we go!!  I did take pictures, but most of them you really can only see a white blob where he is because of the lighting - haha.  But I did take some videos!  None of them are very long because I wanted to be more "in the moment" than watching stuff through my camera.  I mean, that's kind of like watching it on TV.  And I was here to see him in person!  I will be posting links to the small videos I took - they're fun to watch.  They are also not in order with the pictures. 

About half-way through the show, the entire front part of the stage picked up and wheeled to the other end of the arena.  And no joke, that bad boy stopped directly in front of our seats.  Like 10 feet from us.  You'll see the pictures in a minute.  Here's a video of the stage moving.

When the stage stopped, this is where it ended up.  I totally did not use a zoom on this at all.  I told you it was close!!  Now, here comes the embarrassing part.  Here's a video of when he walked over to this part of the stage for a little while.  And you totally can't even hear him singing because we're all screaming too loud.  Especially me.  Trust me, you'll know which one is me.  It's kind of embarrassing now, but I totally couldn't help it - haha.  He was so close and it was so awesome.  I was totally "fangirl"ing it.  Don't judge me.

Hello!!  Isn't this amazing?!

I knew I would get a picture with him one way or another.  ;)

Some thoughts:
-Justin was on stage for 2.5 hours with only a 10 break in the middle.  And he was working it the entire time.  I was super impressed.
-The overall show was amazing.  Laura said she was surprised at the amount of dancing that he did (it was constant unless the song was slow), but I figured it would be that way.
-He was a great musician.  He played the piano, keyboard, and guitar throughout the show.  Well done.
-His voice was waaaaay higher than I thought it would be.  Playing the videos back, it doesn't sound that way at all.  But it really did in person - even Laura noticed it.  I mean, like sounded like a 12 year old high pitched.  Matt said it could have possibly been the mix that they had it on or where we were sitting in reference to the speakers.  Who knows.  
-He was totally just as good looking in person.  ;)  I mean - dude was 10 feet from me for a little bit.  You guys know how Hollywood is - not all of those people can possibly look that good in real life!  JT didn't disappoint!

I really had such a good time.  It was amazing.  I'm so happy that I got to go and I'm even happier that I got to share it with my best friend!  I'm so thankful that I have a sister who's willing to go to stuff like this with me without thinking twice about it!  Now to start thinking of when to go see him again - once is for sure not enough.  ;)

The next morning, I woke up and went to breakfast with this handsome dude and then to drop him off at school.  I never get to hang out with him one-on-one, so I really enjoyed myself!

One the way home, I stopped by Emory to see my friend Mallory and her son, Nolan.  He had an accident this summer and has had to have several brain surgeries since then.  They were still in the hospital after the most recent surgery, so I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to go and see them.  This guy is AWESOME and a huge fighter!  He is home now and doing great!


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