Monday, August 26, 2013

Wild Adventures with Ben

Ben came to town for a few weeks this summer, and Gigi and I decided it would be fun to take both kids to Wild Adventures one day.  This was getting towards the last few weeks of my summer vacation, so I was desperately trying to cram in as many fun things as possible!

We rode a few rides on the way in, and the kids wanted to stop at the carousel.  LL picked her own horse.

And Ben picked to sit in the chariot.

We spent most of the day at the water park (where we didn't take any pictures).  I did have a free coupon for a giraffe feeding, so we stopped by there on our way out.

Pumped to feed the giraffes!

Ben was the first one to go.

LL's turn!

Isn't this the most adorable thing ever??

The last thing we did before leaving was hit up the safari train!

I'm so glad that we got to fit in another water park visit AND cousin time all in the same day!  It made me even more excited for our Disney trip in September!


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