Thursday, August 22, 2013

Straight Hair

I hate that I haven't been blogging the last few weeks!  School has started and I have just been busier than any other time in my life.  I do not stop from the minute I wake up (5:15) until both kids are in bed (7:45).  By then, I'm too tired to even think about looking at a computer.  This new schedule is finally starting to feel "normal", so hopefully blogging will become more frequent again!

LL has been watching me straighten my hair since she was born.  My hair is neither curly nor straight, so I have to force it to do either.  Occasionally, she'll ask me what I'm doing, and I'll tell her that I'm straightening my hair.  I'll ask her every once in a while if she wants me to do hers, but she always says no.  One day this summer (in July) that same conversation took place, but this time she said yes!  

She stood still the entire time and LOVED it!  She was so proud of herself and loved having straight hair!

It was actually pretty strange for me to see her that way.  In her entire life, I have never seen her with her hair this way.  I like it, though, and think that she looks beautiful with straight hair, curly hair, blond hair, or no hair.  This isn't something that we will do often, but I love that she's learning that it isn't what her hair looks like that makes her beautiful, and we can have fun and play with it.


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