Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cooper - 13 Months Old!!!

Cooper was a busy boy this month!  Here's what he was up to during his 13th month:

Weight: 24 1/2 ish pounds
Diaper: size 4
Clothes: mostly all 12 months with a few 9 months still hanging on

Schedule: Cooper is his new big-boy-over-a-year schedule!

7am - up for the day!
7:45ish - breakfast and milk sippy
9:00 - down for nap
11:00 - up from nap
11:45ish - lunch and milk sippy
3:00 - 3:30ish - up from nap
3:30 - snack and water sippy
5:30ish - dinner and milk sippy
Right after dinner he gets a bath
7:00 - bed time

Teeth: Cooper has started teething his molars for sure.  He seems like he constantly has a finger stuck in his mouth now.  None of them have busted through, yet, so he's still holding on with 8 teeth.  I am not a fan of teething, so I'm hoping these molars will come though quickly!

Riding Toys: Coop got several riding toys for his birthday (which is good because he had none!).  He got his super cool hot rod from Grammy and Pop and an awesome digger/tractor from Aunt Laura, Uncle Gino, and Ben.  He loves BOTH of these gifts so much.  This is his new "happy place" (along with the pool still).  If he is fussy at all, we can just push him around in these and it makes him completely happy.  We even rigged up his tractor with a scarf so that we can pull him instead of having to bend over super far.  Even LL loves to push/pull him around!

Standing/Walking: He is still standing a good bit this month.  Actually, he does it pretty often.  He's able to stand for a good bit longer now, but it's still not an incredible amount of time.  He also seems less worried about it this month than he did last month - haha.  He seems to have lost all interest in walking independently, though.  He still cruises alllll the time (and loves pushing his table all around the living room), but refuses to walk holding on to our hands anymore.  If we try and get him to walk with us, he noodles his legs and refuses to stand up.  I guess it'll just happen in it's own time!

Talking: Coop added one new word to his vocabulary this month: Hey.  He also started saying "Mama" again!  And he is finally saying "Dog" in context now - haha.  So his word count is up to 5: Mama, Dada, Uh-oh (which he never says anymore), dog, and hey.  He can also "moo" like a cow when you ask him to!  Here's a video of him doing his cow "moo".

Silly Faces: This boy LOVES to be silly!!  He did two silly faces all month this month.  The first one is hilarious.  He like strains his face with his mouth open and his eyebrows up.  It is soooooo funny and really pretty not cute looking - haha.  Here's a video of that silly face.  The other face is the one that he uses when he moo's like a cow.  He sticks his lips out suuuper far and it is ADORABLE.  It's one of my favorite faces that he does.  :)  

Oh goodness.

Propping His Feet: When LL was little, she would always prop her feet up on her stroller.  Cooper does the same thing, but it's usually on his highchair.  For every meal, you can find his little feet up on the rim of his tray.  It's so cute and I love seeing it.  It's just such a baby thing to me.

Playing with LL: Just like last month, Coop adores his sister.  He wants to constantly be near her and watches everything that she does.  She's finally starting to really want to "play" with him, too.  They've been really having some cute moments lately.

Fan/Light Switches: Coop LOVES to both pull the chain that hangs down from the fan and turn light switches off.  Whenever you pass by a fan or a light switch, he will literally dive out of your arms in an attempt to get to them.  I'm thinking of having Matt make him a little board with some dummy light switches on it so that he can play with it easier.

Holding his sippy: When we transitioned Cooper from the bottle to the sippy, he did well, but he refused to hold it.  After a month of working on it, he's got it down now and holds it great!  Finally!  I was getting super tired of trying to hold it for him during meals - haha.

-Cooper also started doing "How Big Is Cooper?" this month.  Here's a cute video of him showing me how big he is.  :)

You know it's been a good day when you spend so much time in the pool that you come out wrinkled.  :)

We're trying to get him used to wearing a hat, so he's been sporting his FSU hat that he got for his birthday a lot this month!

He still looooves to swing!

This box of disposable spoons has been the BEST thing for occupying him when I'm trying to get a meal ready!  He LOVES it!

Here's a look at both of my sweet babies at 13 months old!


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