Saturday, August 24, 2013

Art Party

LL got an invite this summer for a birthday party for a little girl, Ashlyn, that was in the class last year at school.  Her party was held in Remerton (a small town within our town) at a little art gallery.  It was during Cooper's nap one Saturday (11-1), so Daddy stayed home with Coop while I took LL to the party.  

Ready to get her paint on!

All of the kids got to choose an animal to paint.  I was about 100% sure that she would pick the cat since she is obsessed with cats, but she surprised me and chose a ladybug!

Ready to eat!!

She was reunited with several little girls from her class and she was so happy to see them.

We had a fun girl's afternoon together.  I think I might store this idea away for a potential birthday party when she's a little bit older - it was so much fun!


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