Sunday, July 7, 2013


For years, my mom has been talking about wanting a dog.  She kept pushing it off until retirement so that she would be able to be home and enjoy the puppy.  She finally retired last April (2012), but still kept putting it off.  In May of this year, she finally decided that she was ready for a puppy and the hunt began!  She did tons of research and decided on a Havanese.  She found a breeder, drove to Arkansas, and brought home her puppy!  Meet Olive:

Since becoming part of the family, her absolute favorite person is Cooper!  Cooper isn't quite as into her as she is with him, but he does tolerate her.  


Lorelai is absolutely IN.  LOVE. with her.  She seriously asks us every day if we are going to Gigi's so that she can see Olive.  Olive LOVES to play with LL and they are both good at wearing the other one out!

I definitely like having a cute puppy that we can visit often but don't have to take home.  ;)


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