Friday, July 5, 2013

Movie Date

This summer, we're trying to pack in as much fun stuff as we can.  Since last summer I was either huge pregnant or had a newborn, we really didn't get to do much fun stuff at all.  

Our movie theatre hosts a kids movie morning every Tuesday and Thursday during the summer.  They take movies that have already been released (like Madagascar 3) and play them in the mornings.  It only costs $1 to get in, and popcorn is only $1.50.   

A few weeks ago, we met up with Meghan and Luke for our first movie date of the summer!  It was Madagascar 3, which LL had already seen and wasn't a big fan of.  But we still had a great time eating popcorn and hanging out with our friends!  

Haha - Luke

We're going back again this week to see The Lorax, and this time we're going with a bigger crew.  I'm really excited and I want to fit in as many of these dates as we can before summer is over!


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