Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cooper's First Haircut!

After my trip to Wild Adventures with LL in the morning, we came back to town for naps and then we had an appointment for his first hair cut!  He was getting a little mullet action going on in the back, and the front was just crazy long.  For his birthday I really wanted to make sure that he just looked as handsome as he could!  Matt and LL went, too, so it was a family visit! 

The back before we started.

The front before we started.

Look at how crazy long this is!!

Here we go!!!

Can't you just hear him, "Moooooom" - haha.

All done!!  He was a wiggle worm, but Angel still did a fantastic job!

So much better!

Yay!  Thank you, Angel!

Look at that handsome boy!

Before and After


1 comment:

Emily said...

haha his face in the before picture made me lol ;)

so funny that casey and the clan all use angel too!!!