Friday, July 26, 2013

Cooper's 1 Year Pictures - Part 3

This was our last time taking pictures for Cooper's 1 year, and these are the only ones that actually happened after he turned a year.  These ones were also great because we tried to get some family shots, and Cooper had already had his first hair cut.  Uncle Gino took these the morning after Cooper's birthday party, and I have to say, these are my favorite pictures of Cooper ever.  Gino did a great job and really getting Coop's silly personality down!!  This was also special because this is the same location that we used when Uncle Gino took pictures of LL when she was 14 months old.

LL was not enthusiastic about taking pictures at all.  But, ya know, that's just how our family is right now!


I just love this one.  He is just SO HAPPY.







I adore this one.


The grass was still wet, so someone ended up with a wet bottom.  :)




This is my favorite picture of me and my boy!!



I LOVE this one.  He makes this face alllll the time when he moos like a cow.  This is so Cooper!


Another favorite!









Again, thank you so much Uncle Gino!  We are all in love with these pictures!!


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Anna & Kirby said...

I love #10 too!! I think I need a hair tutorial from you btw ;)