Wednesday, February 13, 2013

LL's School Work Catch-Up

I've gotten REALLY behind on LL's Weekly Work posts (and I'm STILL behind on them), so I'm really trying to play catch-up like a crazy person.  So here's one big long post filled with all of the crafts that LL did at school before Christmas break.

A turkey!

A snowman cup (that I accidentally squished).

Her handprint Christmas tree.  We had this made into ornaments for the grandparents (and us!) and got a magnet of this, also.

Showing me how she made the dots.  ;)

I love this.  :)

Hopefully I'll be back to our normal weekly posts soon!!


1 comment:

Carley said...

Hi! I found your blog through Emily! I love the projects! (I teach pre-k) I have no children but LOVE mom blogs. I guess I have it in my head that I'll be "more"ready. :) can't wait to read more!