Saturday, February 9, 2013

LL's 4th Year

At the beginning of every year, I take a look back at our year as a family.  Now that LL is a little older (and not as much happens from month to month) I thought it would be fun to look back at her year of being 3!  So here's what LL was up to this past year!

We celebrated her 3rd birthday!

She took her annual chick pics.

She helped Daddy paint the shed.

Grammy bought her some chicks for Easter!

She enjoyed some crafts to get ready for Easter.

She celebrated Easter.

She got to play outside more as the weather warmed up.

She LOVED taking her yearly trip to the strawberry patch!

She LOVED playing outside in her pool (and taking a bubble bath in it).

We tried to beat the heat by spending some time a Jumpin' Jacks.

She went fishing at Uncle Bryan's.

She started swim lessons with Mrs. Margie.

She finished out her swim lessons.

She fell in love with playdough.  :)

She went on a date with Daddy.

She became a BIG SISTER and welcomed Cooper to the family!

She was a GREAT big sister from the start!

She got into celebrating for the 4th!

She found creative ways to play in the house since we were cooped up with a baby.

She really started to fall in love with her baby brother.

She got her very first hair cut!!

She got an answered prayer from Jesus when Uh-Oh showed up.  ;)

She started pre-school!!

She enjoyed swimming!

She continued to love on Cooper.  :)

She took her first trip to the dentist!

She LOVED going to a Lowndes football game with Mommy and Daddy!

She had a blast at the Honey Bee Festival

She helped me cook dinner!

She was SO EXCITED to go to the pumpkin patch!

She went on her first school field trip to the fire station!

She had a BLAST trick-or-treating with Coley!

We got our first family pictures done as a family of 4.

She spent one afternoon at a pre-school art class.

She went on her first over night trip WITHOUT Mommy and Daddy!

She had a Thanksgiving program at school!

She helped cook Thanksgiving dinner and we enjoyed the day as a family!

She did a GREAT job picking out our Christmas tree!

She did WONDERFUL as a star in her school's Christmas program!

She and Uh-Oh are still best friends.

She went on a lunch date with Daddy.

She had her first slumber party ever with cousin Ben!

She had a BLAST celebrating Christmas!

She had so much fun playing "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" with Ben.

She took a day trip to the beach.

She had fun being silly with Mommy.

She spent some serious time loving on Daddy.

I LOVED doing this post!  She had a GREAT year and it really made me see how much she grew and had fun!  I'm so excited to see what this next year has in store for her!

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Anna & Kirby said...

Gosh...that was a BIG year!! So many great memories!