Thursday, February 21, 2013

LL's 4th Birthday

That's right - my sweet girl is FOUR now!  She really is just at the sweetest age, and we all are just enjoying this so much.  I also LOVED that this year - she really, 100% understands birthdays and what they're all about - and that made it so much FUN!  

She was in charge of snacks for the week of her birthday at school, so she helped me make her class birthday cupcakes the night before her birthday!

She took the job of putting the cups in the muffin tin VERY seriously.

She also did wonderful at helping me fill them up!

Daddy came in to show us how it was done and took over on the icing part.  ;)

After Daddy finished icing them, LL put the sprinkles on them and they were done!

The morning of her birthday was pretty much business as usual.  We put some helium balloons in her room while she was sleeping, so she got to wake up to those.  Then, when she got to Grammy and Pop's before school, she was SUPER excited for a present.  She has been asking for two lizards and an iguana (???), and by some miracle, they found them!  She was PUMPED!

Later, her teacher sent me this picture from school.  I LOVE it.  :)

When we explained the whole birthday process to her, we told her that her birthday was all about HER.  I told her that dinner for her birthday was whatever she wanted: that I could cook whatever she wanted or we could go out to eat.  She picked to go out to eat.  For the longest time she said she wanted to go to Red Lobster, but she changed it to Cheddar's at the last minute.  We also told her that it was up to her who came: it could just be the four of us, or she could invite other family.  She chose to invite all of her grandparents and even called them to ask them herself!  So we all me up at Cheddar's to celebrate the birthday girl!

Opa and Cooper

Ben was in town, so he got to join in on the birthday fun, too!

My  beautiful birthday girl!

This is the best shot that we got with her all night.  :(

She LOVED her Lambie that Cooper gave her.

Grammy, Pop, and MeeMee

She wanted to read her new Sophia the First book right away.

Cooper enjoyed having everyone around and grubbing down!  He chowed down on some broccoli for a loooong time.

She's always a little unsure of the singing part.

Coop and Gigi

LL was SO happy to have everyone there to celebrate - and that's what was most important to me.  She got everything exactly how she wanted and was absolutely in Heaven.  Thanks to all of our families who came to make her night!


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Emily said...

Kye picked red lobster last year AND requested it this year...but i'm not as nice as you haha. he said he wants all the family to come and i said no hahahaha