Saturday, February 23, 2013

LL's 4 Year Well-Visit

We had Lorelai's 4 year check up on February 6 - just one day after her birthday.  

Here's how the visit went:

-Weight: 36 lbs  59% (+4 lbs from last year)
-Height: 41"  77% (+3 inches from last year)
-BMI:  41% (They look for a number between 5 - 85, so 41 is GREAT)
  • She has reached all of the milestones that she should have by now:
    • balancing on one foot
    • running
    • talking in easy to understand paragraphs
    • speaks in first person
    • can dress/undress herself
    • can keep her legs straight and touch her toes
    • can recognize her name when it is written
  • Her iron is great for the first time ever!  Usually, they tell us that it's on the low side of normal because of her milk intake.  Finally it looks great!
  • Her strawberry is still shrinking.  She measured it and it was 2.5cm.  At her 2 year appointment, it was measuring at 3 cm, so it has gone down half a cm in 2 years (they didn't measure it last year).  She did comment on how flat it is.  At this point, it's barely raised above the level of her skin (until recently, it's always been VERY raised).  Every time we talk to LL about her strawberry going away, she cries uncontrollably.  No joke. She LOVES it and gets super upset when we tell her that it won't always be there.  I tried to tell her that Jesus was going to give it to another little baby girl to make her special, but that didn't help much - haha.  
  • When the nurse pricked her finger, LL got VERY upset and started crying.  She asked the nurse, "Why did you do that to me?"  When the nurse answered, she said, "You shouldn't do that anymore!".
  • She had to get 4 shots this time and girl LOST.  HER.  MIND. If you live or work in town, I'm sure you could hear the screaming.  She refused to let us take the band aids off for over 24 hours.  And she refused to walk anywhere.  I wish I was joking.  She said her legs were broken.  I even got a text from her teacher at school (I had texted her to give her a heads up about the broken legs) and it said, "Her legs are still broken, but they're moving and working fine!", so I'm assuming that she played it up at school also.  I finally got the band aids off and she immediately started using her legs again and acting normal.
Broken legs

  • This got her over her fear of band aids.  Usually she NEVER lets us use one.  And by never - I mean NEVER.  Since her appointment, she's asked for a band aid twice.  That part has been helpful!
  • The doctor also made sure to let us know that it's time to start talking about "good touch/bad touch" with her - which we've already started doing.  We haven't put a lot of emphasis on it, but I have been talking with her about how no one should touch her pee pee, and she knows to tell someone to leave it alone.  I almost hate to bring it to her attention, but I just think that, in this world, it's important for them to know.


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