Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cooper's Seventh Month

Cooper was 6 months old (in his 7th month) from December 25 - January 24.  Here we go!

Weight: About 20ish pounds
Diaper: Size 3
Clothes: 6 months (starting to get small - we're pushing it), 6-9 months, and 9 months

We're still on the 4 hour schedule, but we've adjusted it some to incorporate 3 meals of solids a day:
7:00 - up and eat (6 oz)
8:15ish - solids (usually fruit)
8:45 - nap
11:00 - up and eat (6 oz)
12:15ish - solids (usually veggie)
12:45 - nap
3:00 - up and eat (6 oz)
5:45 - dinner (cereal and fruit or veggie)
6:30 - bath
6:45 - bottle
7:00 - bed

Eating:  Coop is doing great in this area!  Since his 6 month appointment, we've weaned him down on his formula and he's now getting between 24 - 28 oz a day.  He seems completely satisfied and doesn't seem to miss those extra ounces AT ALL.  This has really surprised me, but I'm happy that he doesn't seem to mind.  It has also helped his spitting up a TON.  He still has his moments, but it has for sure been a lot better.  It also seems like he spits up in the afternoon, but almost never in the morning.  ??  I have no idea, but it's definitely been a pattern that we've noticed.  

In addition to cutting down his formula, we've also upped his solid intake.  He gets a fruit for breakfast in the morning, a veggie for lunch, and then oatmeal cereal and a fruit or veggie (or sometimes both!) for dinner.  Here is a list of the foods that he has tried this month:
-sweet potatoes (loved!)
-butternut squash 
-sweet peas
-banana (loved!)
-asparagus (not a huge fan)
-green beans

He has grown to LOVE his baby food and we can for sure tell that he looks forward to it every day.  I've been making all of his food (post to come!) and I really like the variety that I'm able to offer him!

Sleeping:  His naps have been SO GOOD this month.  Sticking it out and doing CIO during my Christmas break paid off for sure.  He still has days where he'll wake up and fuss some (and occasionally cry), but for the most part, he just sleeps.  I'm SO HAPPY to have my good sleeper back!

Night time has also been going well.  He is still sleeping through the night about 50% of the time.  We've also started weaning him down on the nights that he does get up.  We used to give him 5 oz in the middle of the night - now we're down to 3.  Hopefully we'll be completely done with all of this by the end of the month!

He has also started sleeping on his tummy.  It really freaked me out at first, but I'm pretty used to it now.  We still *always* put him down on his back (and will continue to for the rest of his life - we STILL put LL on her back), but if he chooses to sleep on his tummy, we leave him alone.

I love this.  :)

This is how HAPPY he is when he wakes up!

Rolling: Last month he wasn't really rolling from back to tummy, this month he is all over the place!!  He is a rolling machine and can move around!  It makes play time fun and it's always hilarious to see where he makes it around his crib.

Where's Cooper??

There he is!!

Teething:  FINALLY all of that teething paid off and we have a tooth!!  Matt noticed it starting to come through on January 18, and you can for sure see it pretty good now.  He's still been drooling a ton, so I think that tooth #2 isn't far behind!

Sitting:  He is a PRO at this now!  He can sit for FOREVER and rarely falls over anymore!  I just love that I can put him down if I need to and he can just sit and play.  He has been LOVING it and I feel like we can all really "play" more with him now.  

Hair:  His little bald spot in the back is finally starting to go away!  I know that him sleeping on his tummy is helping in that area for sure.  It's still not completely filled in, but we're on our way.  His hair is so dark and thick that I'm sure it'll take a while before you can't tell at all anymore.

Vocalizations:  Cooper is still very much a "cooer".  He likes to talk ALL the time, but they're still mostly coo's and long, drawn out sounds.  He does occasionally use vowel-consonant combinations (he was doing "a-ja" for a while), but it's not as often.  We've been talking to him and saying "ma-ma" and "da-da" very clearly in the hopes that he'll catch on soon.  LL didn't do this until closer to 8 months, so he's kind of following along.  Funny story - he was in his highchair the other morning while I was cleaning the kitchen.  He wanted to get out and I just couldn't get him right that second.  He let go a string of all of the sounds I've never heard him do before, including lots of ga-ga, ma-ma sounds. It totally made me turn around and I thought - I bet he totally just cussed me out in "baby" - haha.

Jumper:  He still loves it, but it's starting to fade some now that he can sit.  It's still our go-to when he's fussy or if we need to get something done!

Sickness:  It's been a rough two months for us!  We finally got over his rash, and then he developed a cough around the first of the year.  He is FINALLY getting over that after 1 call and 2 trips to the pediatrician.  

- He started sleeping on his tummy or side during naps on December 26.  He also slept on his tummy at night for the first time on the same day.
-He has started pushing his arms straight out (pushing his chest ALL the way up) when he is on his tummy on December 30 .
-We gave him a sippy with some water in it for the first time on January 6.  He likes it a lot, but still isn't great at getting the spout in his mouth.
-We stopped using the sling in his baby bath this month and now he just sits up.
-He LOVES playing with my hair.  He'll grab it and stare at it any time that I'm holding him or feeding him.  I love it.  :)
-He FOR SURE knows his name and will look at you if you call him.  

Fav pic EVER!

Here are some videos from this month:
Cooper Eating Puffs.
Cooper's funny noise.
Cooper laughing.


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