Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

The worship ministry at our church has a yearly ugly Christmas sweater party.  Last year, Matt was pretty new to the worship ministry (and we didn't really know anyone), so I refused to dress up and made us go dressed like regular - haha.  This year, I was totally down for it!  Matt put waaaaay more effort into his outfit than I did.  He found his turtleneck from WalMart, his jacket from GoodWill, and his accessories from his mom.  I just borrowed everything from his mom.  ;)

A few pics before we left...

Anyone watch SNL??  Matt was totally going for a LonelyIsland vibe.  ;)

At the party they also had a  "photo booth" set up for horrible pictures.

 Matt and our friend Seth

Seth and Claire (remember when we went to their wedding??)

Our worship leader, Spence, and his wife, Sabrina.

What's soooo funny to me is that Claire placed in our "who is the ugliest" competition - yet if you look at her outfit, none of it is Christmas!  It's just terrible - haha.

We took LL with us to the party, and she had a BLAST running around and playing.  It was so much fun, I'm so glad we dressed up, I can't BELIEVE Matt didn't win anything for his outfit (haha), and I can't wait to do it all again next year!



Emily said...

haha it's funny to me that you borrowed matt's moms clothes for the party...did she mind? it's kinda like saying "hey that sweater is TACKY" hahahaha

Robyn said...

She knew what it was for, but she didn't care. :) She's just cool like that - haha.