Monday, January 21, 2013

New Year's Atlanta Trip!

We decided to take a weekend trip up to Atlanta the weekend before New Year's.  We haven't been up to see Aunt Laura and Uncle Gino since Cooper was born (actually - not since last December!), so we figured it was about time.  I was suuuuper nervous about Cooper and how he would sleep/nap, but I knew we just needed to bite the bullet and do it!  He'll never learn if we never try!

Stopped for a food break on the way up.  :)

Ben got a game for Christmas where you ride on a bike, and it controls your "person" on TV.  It's pretty cool!  It took some getting used to for LL, but she had fun trying to figure it out.

Coop-man got a bath in the sink!  He totally had no clue what was going on, but he did okay!

LL LOVES it when Aunt Laura reads bed time stories.

We really had to spend all of our time indoors because it was SO COLD the weekend while we were up there.  Like, calling for possible snow cold.  We passed the time by playing with animals...

....Hanging with Mr. Cooper....

...sharing new Christmas toys....

...making funny faces with Aunt Laura...

...and rough housing with Uncle Gino.

For Christmas, Laura and Gino gave Matt a gift certificate for The Capital Grille.  We were SO excited to get a date night on the town!  Thank you guys!

On the way home, LL got to pick out (all on her own) some terrible snacks for the drive.  :)  She picked a blue icee, cheez-its, and some oreos.  :)

Cooper ended up doing GREAT on the trip, and we all had so much fun spending time with the Atlanta crew.  Hopefully we'll do it again before the summer!


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