Thursday, January 3, 2013

LL's Christmas Pageant

At the beginning of December, LL had her Christmas pageant at school.  We had been REALLY looking forward to this.  I mean, our first child's first school program - what's not to get excited about?!?  I was a little stressed at first because the program started at 6:00.  We also signed up to eat at the spaghetti dinner afterwards, so I knew we realistically wouldn't get home until after 8.  That doesn't really work out when you have a baby who goes to bed between 6:45 - 7:00!  We were also stuck because all of the grandparents wanted to be there to watch LL (duh!), so who would babysit?!  Luckily, Emily came to my rescue and came to put Coop to bed for us (Thank you!!!).

LL had to be there at 5:30 to get ready.  I assumed we would have plenty of options for seating since we were there early.  Wrong!  That place was packed!!

I was so impressed for several reason:
1 - I expected it to be a class gets up and sings and sits down.  Another class gets up and then sits down, etc. etc.  Nope!  The program started with the 4 year olds on the stage and just built and built!  By the end of the program, they had told the entire story of Jesus's birth and the entire school was on the stage!  There were townspeople, shepherds, sheep, Mary, Joseph, wise men, angels, stars - EVERYTHING!
2-  This was no joke!  You could tell that they had worked so hard with the kids because everyone did AMAZING!
3- I wondered if LL would get stage fright (she was in front of a LOT of people), but she did her part perfectly and sang her little heart out!!  

Here's a video of her part of the program.  A few things about the video:
1-It's kind of dark.
2- It's pretty bouncy.  My camera was super zoomed in, so it got really wobbly if I moved AT ALL (ie: breathed).  I also was laughing/crying, so it was hard to hold still.  :)

Here are some pictures from the night:

Trying her star on a few days before the program for Daddy.

Singing her little heart out!

When we went to pick her up from her classroom, we got another opportunity to take pictures of her with her star.  :)

She was SO PROUD of herself!

Afterwards, we all went to the spaghetti dinner that the school/church hosted.
Matt and his MeeMee

Grammy and Pop

The star (literally!) of the show!

Afterwards we decided to make it extra special and stop by LL's favorite place a Christmas time - the "glow house".  It's a local house that puts up tons of lights and sets them to a radio station.  It's super cool and LL LOVES it.

We had such a good time and I was SO PROUD of my sweet girl.  She did perfect!!  I can't wait until next year when Coop will be there cheering her on!


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Lauren said...

omg! she is adorable! totally makes me excited for when Anne Margaret gets old enough and has her own Christmas shows!!! :D