Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Round 1

Usually, Christmas is a CRAZY time for us.  Most years, we've spent Christmas running around from place to place and it has just been suuuuper busy and suuuuper stressful.  It was kind of taking the fun out of Christmas because we couldn't slow down to enjoy it!  Leading up to Christmas this year, Matt and I sat down and had a long talk about what our priorities are at Christmas time.  Obviously, a BIG priority is seeing our family and spending time with them.  While that *should* be a big priority, there's one thing that should go ahead of it: our little family.  Up until now, Christmas with our little family of 3 (now, 4), was always last on the list.  This year, we had to make a change with that.  When our kids are grown, I don't want them to look back and say, "Christmas was always crazy - we never were at home).  Now that Cooper is here and LL is old enough to know what's going on, we have to put our little family FIRST, and then work in how to celebrate with everyone else.

In years past, we have always gone to Grammy and Pop's early on Christmas morning and spent the majority of the day there.  We still wanted to do that, we just didn't want to do it on the actual day of Christmas.  On Christmas day, we wanted to be able to have the kids wake up, see what Santa brought, open presents, PLAY with presents, eat breakfast, and NOT RUSH.  This mean that we had to move our Mullican Christmas to another day.  We ended up celebrating on Sunday the 23rd.

Coop was ready to get started!!

My handsome boys!!

We always do a HUGE brunch.  This year, LL helped us make the pigs in a blanket -she did a GREAT job!!

Grammy always has a HUGE pot of wassail - I LOVE it!  I seriously had at least 3 mugs of this.

Another one of my *favorite* Mullican Christmas traditions - golden rod eggs!

Reading the Christmas story in the Bible before opening presents.

The prettiest girl I know!

If there is one thing that I am grateful for, it is that both of my children are so HAPPY!

This little boy has changed my life.  :)

I LOVE my matching babies!

We had a WONDERFUL day and it was a great kick-off to Christmas!


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Emily said...

that second to last picture of coop is PRECIOUS!!!!!