Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas Day 2012

Christmas morning, our living room looked SO PRETTY with all of the gifts under the tree.  I was pumped for LL to get up and see what Santa had for her.  Since Cooper sleeps until 7 every morning, I was a little nervous about how it would go with LL.  She rarely sleeps that late, and we usually just get her and bring her to our room to cuddle.  I didn't want to do that because I didn't want her getting a peek at the living room.  We ended up just having Matt go in her room with her until it was time for Cooper to wake up.  

LL was sooooooo excited!  She kept saying she wanted to go see if Santa ate his cookies, if he left presents, etc.  She totally got it this year and her anticipation was wonderful!

Feeding Cooper his Christmas morning bottle.  :)

While Cooper ate, we let LL go ahead and open her stocking and look at her Santa presents.  I mean, how could she ignore the huge bike??

I especially love her ladybug helmet!

We didn't take many pictures while we were opening gifts (I'd rather be in the moment than worrying about my camera!), but I did snap this one.  Matt is pumped for Cooper's jersey.  :)

This is what our living room looked like after opening presents!  A disaster, but I love it!

After presents, it was time for breakfast.  Usually, I do a breakfast casserole, but this year I decided to do breakfast casserole muffins.  Emily made them at my baby shower for Cooper and they were AWESOME!  Here's the recipe.  :)

After Cooper's morning nap, it was time to take his 6 month pictures!  I love this his half birthday is on Christmas day!

Oma and Opa came over at lunch time to celebrate Christmas afternoon with us!  LL LOVED wrestling with Opa.

Cooper just watched, but I'm sure he'll be in on the action next year!

Our Family - Christmas 2012!

My sweet babies in front of the Christmas tree.

LL got this house/tent for her 2nd birthday, but we put in under her bed about a year ago.  We set it back up, and she LOVED playing in there with her new toys!

Oma brought all of the stuff for a turkey dinner with her and cooked it at our house for Christmas dinner.  How lucky are we?!

LL asked to sleep in her tent and I was SHOCKED that she actually did it!

It was a truly wonderful Christmas.  It was so nice knowing that our little family is complete and celebrating together.  LL is a blast at this age, Cooper is here - my cup was just running over with happiness!!  This was, by far, my favorite Christmas ever!

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Emily said...

yum! glad you got some use out of the recipe!!!! looks like a wonderful day together!!!