Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Preschool Art Class

Emily mentioned to me not long ago about a preschool art class that Kye's teacher from last year was hosting.  It was one afternoon for an hour, and only $10, so I told her to sign us up!  LL has been coming home with tons of art from school, and she always loves to talk about it and show us, so I figured she would love this and have fun spending time with Kye.  Well.  Little miss decided to have a melt down when we got there and COMPLETELY showed out.  She literally wanted me to hold her the entire time and didn't want to cooperate.  We had tears and everything.  Eventually I got her to settle down and have fun, but I could never get very far away from her.  ??  She just goes through these moods some times!  I managed to get some good pics when she would let me get farther than 6 inches away from her.  :)

Painting with bubble wrap!

For this, they dripped paint on their paper, and then used their straws to blow it out.  Kye especially loved this one!

There's a smile.  :)

For this technique, they got to dip strings in paint and rub those across the paper.  This was LL's FAV.

Next they got to put pain on their paper, fold it over, and squish it to make "butterflies".  LL picked green and blue (her favorite color)....

And Kye picked pink and orange - haha

Eventually LL calmed down and had a good time.  And we came home with TONS of new art work.  We might have to wait on another preschool art class until she's a little older to hopefully avoid another 3 year old mood swing - haha.



Recording Megow Adventures said...

Stevie Joy had a melt down too? she said it was because she really wanted Neela Grace to come too? who knows! lol

Emily said...

Thanks for staying with them...glad you stayed huh??? ;)