Tuesday, December 11, 2012

LL's Thanksgiving Program

LL had her Thanksgiving program one morning the week before Thanksgiving break.  Since I had to use up all of my sick leave for my maternity leave, I have no days to use to be able to take time off.  Right now, no work = no money for me.  Since I was able to do green eggs and ham with LL's class and go with her on her field trip to the fire station, Matt went solo to her Thanksgiving program.

Her whole class was wearing these cute little hats that they made.  :)

"There's my Daddy!"

After her class sang their little song, she got to eat a Thanksgiving dinner with Daddy.  

Here's a cute video Matt took for me of LL's class singing their turkey song.  It is SO CUTE and she's been singing it around the house a ton.  :)

I was really sad not to be there, but I'm so happy that she got to spend that one on one time with her Daddy!

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Emily said...

love her outfit!!!