Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Tree Farm 2012

I think one of my favorite yearly traditions is going to the Christmas tree farm to pick out a tree.  It's just SO fun to me.  I love how festive it is, and it's so much nicer than just going to a stand somewhere.  

We took LL for the first time when she was about 9ish months old.
When we went back in 2010, LL had a BLAST running around.
Last year was when her hatred for taking pictures had kicked in big time, and all of our pictures turned out horrible - haha.

This year, it was SO much fun to take the Coop man with us!  LL is at an age where she pretty much 100% understands things.  She was SO great in helping us pick out the perfect tree for our house!  Because of our new entertainment center, we had to find one that was skinnier than I'm used to hunting for.

This is "the one"!

Whenever LL doesn't want to take pictures for me, I always know that I can count on a non-mobile Coop to pull through for me - haha.  What am I going to do once he can crawl away?!

She might not be a huge picture fan, but she did GREAT at letting me get some sibling shots!!

How cute is this little man??

We let Daddy do all the dirty work.  ;)

This is what it *really* looks like at the Christmas tree farm - haha.  Matt cutting down the tree, Poppy helping, Coop stuck in his bumbo, and Gigi helping LL pick up all of the mints that she dropped on the ground.  Such is life.  :)

LL LOVED riding in the back of Poppy's truck to take the tree to the shaker!

Cooper also enjoyed riding around not in his car seat.  :)

We went by to see the sheep and goats before we left.  LL was NOT happy that we couldn't touch them.

There she is!

Another successful trip to the Christmas tree farm!

***This will be my last post until after Christmas!  Enjoy your holiday!!***


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Emily said...

Kye was TICKED that he couldn't pet the goats too!!!! it's funny b/c my oldest is the picture lover and my youngest hates it ;)