Wednesday, October 17, 2012

LL's Weekly Work - Week 9

LL had her 9th week of school from October 8 - 12.  This was another crazy week for her.  Monday was her second day of Fall Break (so no school), Tuesday she was home sick (stomach virus - yuck!), she got sent home early on Wednesday (not feeling good), but finally had normal days on Thursday and Friday! 

Needless to say, we did not get any pictures of her with art work this week.  We were just lucky to get pictures of her in the morning!  Here is a little about her week:

They learned all about the letter "G".  The made giraffes, grapes, and ghosts.  They also talked about how we are all gifts from God. The read several books: "Ten Timid Ghosts", "Giraffes Can't Dance", "Huck Run Amuck", and "The Letter G Sound Box".  They also made Halloween things for their bulletin board and room.

She attempted to go to school, but only made it about an hour.  :(

She was *supposed* to wear her cowboy boots with this, but she backed out at the last minute - haha.

Dropping Cooper off at Grammy's house before school.

I am praying like crazy that this sickness if finally GONE from our house and we can all get back into a normal routine!


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