Monday, October 1, 2012

LL's Weekly Work - Week 7

LL's 7th week of school was from September 24 - 28.  And the biggest news of the week....LL was the super star of the week!  This means that she got to move the day of the week every day, be the helper, and be the line leader.  It also meant that we were responsible for bringing snacks for the class all week!

The letter for the week was "E", the color was green, the shape was oval, and the number was 5.  They talked about eggs and elephants.  The read Green Eggs and Ham, and even got to eat some (more soon!).  They also read Pigs Egg and Little Elephant.

First snack of the week: birds' nests with eggs

LL can cut a rectangle!

Snack for the day: green jello jigglier eggs
No pics of LL from this day because she stayed home sick.  :(  She had been up a lot the night before throwing up and other nasty things, so we didn't want to risk her getting anyone else sick.

No pics of the snack - I totally forgot.  But it was mini-cupcakes with green icing and the letter "e" on them.
She actually ended up coming home early this day because she didn't feel good.  :(


I came to her school this day to make their snack in their classroom: green eggs and ham!  It was her teacher's idea, but I was so happy that I could do it since I wasn't in school!

While I made the snack, the kids were in their centers.  When they were either in the block center or the kitchen center, I called them to up help me crack and stir the eggs!

Here's LL at the play dough center.  :)

In this one she's at the very back center reading a book with her teacher.  :)

Helping Mommy stir the eggs!


Still gross even when they're cooked - haha.

At the block center

Sitting on her carpet square!  Mrs. Kerry read them a book while Mrs. Heather and I cleaned up and got their snacks at their table.

My pretty girl!

Trying out her green eggs and ham!

She was so happy to have Mommy at her school!

Waiting to be called outside for recess.

Play time!

She was the line leader this week!

Snack for the day: "E" cookies!

I hate that we dealt with a little sickness during her super star week, but I think she still had a great time.  I LOVED going to her school for the day!  Her class is taking a field trip to the fire station during my fall break, so I'm pumped to go and help then!



Emily said...

we know how much you LOVE the fire station haha ;)

love all the snacks...especially monday. um cocoa no bakes??? gah i miss them!!!

how did she do with you at school? I noticed with kye that i was a disruption to the day so i don't go unless other parents are attending something too!

Leslie said...

Looks like they had a great time. So neat to see my sweet Madeline enjoying her day!