Wednesday, October 3, 2012

LL's Cute Things - September

Here is what LL was up to in September:

She can verbally spell her name (not a small task for such a long name!), and can *almost* write it.

Somehow, she managed to chip her front tooth.  It's only the little tiny corner of her front left tooth, but it's definitely chipped.  I'm just hoping that it doesn't get worse before she looses it!  I have NO CLUE how she did it, and neither does she.

She does this thing called "crazy eyes".  I think she learned it at my mom's house (??).  It's super funny and Matt managed to catch it on video.

She can wink!  I winked at her one morning as she was walking out of the door for school, and she winked back!  She can wink both eyes pretty well (I'm better at my right eye), and I LOVE it.  :)

She is super scared of EVERYTHING right now.  She won't go into any room if it's dark, we have to check under her bed at night, she won't watch tons of her movies anymore (Rapunzel, Lion King, etc.) because they're "scary".  I have no idea where this came from all of a sudden?!  I think it's pretty normal for this age, so we're just comforting her through it, but also letting her know that she doesn't have to be scared.

She is loving her brother this month.  Now that he's starting to interact with us more, she's taken even more of a liking to him.  She loves to make him smile, talk to him, read to him, sing songs to him, and "play" with him.  She helps with his baths, throwing away his diapers, getting things for him, and rubbing him with lotion before bed.  She is a GREAT big sister!

When I was at her school for the day, her teacher asked me where I got all of her clothes because, "she is aways dressed so nice!".  That totally made my day!  I'm glad that she's "that" kid!

She started asking to sleep in one of my tshirts at night.  It is SOOO cute.  :)

Here are some funny things she was saying this month:
She and I were in her room getting ready for school one morning.  After she was all done, she walked into the kitchen and said, "Daddy, how do I look?" totally on her own.  It was SO CUTE!  You can't tell me that little girl's this young don't already seek out approval from their daddys!

Her current favorite song is "Yellow Submarine" by The Beatles - except she calls them "The Ants" - haha.

She told me one day, "God lives in my tummy which is behind my heart.  Which is why he can't get out."  I think this stemmed from a conversation that she and I had where I was trying to explain to her that Jesus lives in our hearts.

Cooper sneezed one day and she said, "He bless you'd on me!".  

One night I was tucking her in.  I was leaning over her and kissing her and my bangs fell in her eyes.  She told me, "You better fix your hair - you don't have a headband or a bow or anything!".  You can tell that she knows that I'm big about fixing her hair.

We were talking about her birthday and I told her that on her next birthday she would be turning 4.  She said, "No!  I don't want to grow up!  I want to be 3 forever!".  I told her that I very much agreed with her.  :)

When I picked her up from school one day, she had a ton of sand in her shoes.  As I was dumping it out, I asked her if it hurt when she had all that sand in there and she said, "No!  It tickled!"

One day out of the blue, she said, "God is my best friend.".  THAT will make your heart happy.

Some videos:
Here's a video of LL telling me a story one day.

This is a video of LL dancing to Happy Feet at Gigi's one night.

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