Friday, October 19, 2012

Flashback Friday: Panacea

Once again, I'm linking up with Emily for Flasback Friday!

Matt and Clint have been friends, literally, for forever.  Clint's family owns a house down in Panacea, FL.  Before either of us had kids, we used to go down there ALL the time for a quick little fishing vacation.  We've been there tons of times - but I thought I would highlight one of our first (maybe THE first??) trips down there in 2006.

On the road

Clint and Sarah - getting the boat in the water

My hubby getting us some bait!

View of the bay from the house

Fishing off of the dock (I love how you can see the bridge!)


We seem to catch crab ALL the time - even though we never really want to.

They're pesky AND they can hurt you - haha.

Got him!

Catching more sharks!

Our dinner!  (no joke!)

Fishing under the bridge

They may be little, but those teeth are no joke!

We have so many fond memories down there, and I'm sure Matt and Clint will be taking these boys down there when they get bigger!


1 comment:

Emily said...

1. SHARKS?!?! So cool!!!
2. Can't you eat the crabs???
3. Lucky boys that you girls don't mind fishing...I'm lucky that Zach isn't into it b/c I def wouldn't be haha