Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cooper - 4 Months Old!!!

My big boy is now 4 months old!  He is just growing and changing SO MUCH right now.  I can say that he is the perfect addition to our family and we are all (even LL!) head over heels in love with this little man!

Here is how Cooper is doing compared to the milestones in What To Expect The First Year:

Weight: About 16ish lbs.
Diaper: Size 2, but I can see us moving up soon!
Clothes: *some* 3 month stuff is still fitting, but not much.  He's in some 3-6 months, but mostly in all 6 month stuff.  

Schedule:  We're still on the 3.5 hour schedule.

7:00 - 7:15 up for the day/eat
8:00 -8:30 down for a nap
10:30 eat
11:30 down for a nap
2:00 eat
3:00-3:15 down for nap
5:00 - 5:30 up to eat
6:30ish cat nap with Mommy or Daddy snuggling him  (This now only happens about 50% of the time.  Homeboy is READY for the 4 hour schedule).
7:30 bath
7:45 bottle and straight to bed
2:00 or 3:00 eat

Cooper can do all of the things that a four month old baby should be able to do:
-on stomach, lift head up 90 degrees
-laugh out loud
-follow an object in an arc about 6 inches above the face for 18- degrees (from one side to the other)

Cooper can do most of the things that a four month old baby will probably be able to do:
-hold head steady when upright
-grasp a rattle held to backs or tips of fingers
-reach for an object
-squeal in delight

There are two things that Cooper can not do from the "will probably be able to" list:
-on stomach, raise chest, supported by arms {he's tried once, but I don't count it unless he's doing in consistently}
-pay attention to an object as small as a raisin {again - I have NEVER tried this - so he may be able to}

Cooper can do all of the things a four month old baby may possibly be able to:
-keep head level with body when pulled to sitting
-roll over (one way) - {on his tummy, he can roll over to his left and right}
-turn in the direction of a voice, particularly mommy's
-say "ah-goo" or similar vowel-consonant combinations

Cooper can do most of the things that a four month old baby may even be able to do:
-bear some weight on legs when held upright
-object if you try to take a toy away
-turn in the direction of a voice

There was one thing that Cooper can not do from the "may even be able to" list:
-sit without support

Look at how my little man is growing:

I am SO looking forward to watching my little man grow even more this next month!



Amanda McD said...

He is so cute!! And looks just like LL!

Emily said...

i LOVE how your boppy cover matches his sticker ;)