Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Coley's Birthday Party

Last Sunday night was LL's friend Coley's birthday party.  She had her party at Tiny Bubbles - and I'll admit - I was a little nervous.  We worked SUPER hard with LL this summer, and she finally started swimming like a fish.  But, it's been a long summer since Cooper has been born, and we haven't had the opportunity to work with her any more on it.  Well - my fears were confirmed - LL freaked out at the party - haha.  She only wanted Matt to hold her and we couldn't get her to swim at all.  Obviously we weren't going to *make* her do anything at the party, so she just enjoyed herself (mostly) from Daddy's arms.  

The party was during Cooper's nap time, so I fed him when we got there, let him have his awake time, and then just held him for his nap.  When he woke up, it was time to go home.  It all actually worked out pretty well!

A view of the party from my seat - haha.

Giving Daddy instructions

She doesn't look scared at all, does she?  ;)

Thanks to Coley for the invite!  We all really did have a good time!


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