Monday, September 3, 2012

Lorelai's Weekly Work - Week 3

Lorelai's second week of school was from August 27-31.  They worked on the letter B, the color orange, the triangle, and the number 2. 

Here is some info I got from her about her week at school:
-one day their snack was angry birds, but it was plastic and they only ate the inside (??)
-she still talks about Ashlyn every day and says that she is her best friend.
-I asked her if she plays with the kitchen and she said no, she plays with the doll house
-she said she got time out one day (!!) because she wouldn't help clean up.  I asked her how she felt when she was in time out and she said sad.  I asked her if she was going to go back to time out, and she said no - she was going to make good choices.  I was SUPER proud of her for telling me that she went to time out.  As a parent, one of the biggest things that I want to do is create an environment where my kids TALK to me.  Hopefully, though, this is the last time out for her for the year.  :)


When we listen to God, it makes Him happy.

When we don't listen, it makes Him sad.

Color the big apples red, and the little apples green.

Lorelai can cut a circle!


This is the Bible she made.  Of course everything was colored blue.  :)




Next week will be kind of an off week because Monday is a holiday (Labor Day) and she will miss Tuesday because she has her first dentist appointment that morning.  But she will be there Wednesday - Friday!

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