Wednesday, September 5, 2012

LL Cute Things - August

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Once again, here are some cute things LL was up to in August:

She calls her teacher at church "teacher" instead of using her name.

Enjoying a snack of string cheese and sending Daddy silly pictures.

Everyday I ask her what she dreamed about. She says " you". I say "awesome! What did we do?". She says "we played in my room!"  Towards the end of the month, she started saying that she dreamt about other things like "Uh-Oh".

Sleeping with Rudolph.  :)

She will sometimes talk in her sleep during her nap.  I'll hear her and think that she's awake, but she's totally not.

On the way to her open house, she said she couldnt go because her belly button was sad and was going to cry.  I asked her if her tummy felt funny and she said yes.  I told her that her belly button was fine, but that that meant that she was nervous.  We've talked a lot this month about being nervous - how even adults are, what it means, why it happens, that it's okay, etc.

Instead of saying kiwi - she says it key-weed.  

Here are some funny quotes from her this month:

"Excuse me, Mommy. Do you like medium elephants?"

"I'm uh-oh's mommy and Ben is his daddy. Come here child!"

"Jesus doesn't live in my heart, he lives in the sky!"

First time ever having a candy bar!

"You're not a teacher you're a mommy!"

Tea party after church.

When I was rocking Cooper she said, "can I pet him?".

"I was big giant nervous!" (after her first day of school)

"I don't have my buckles on!" (when I pick her up from school, they put her in the car but don't buckle her in.  I have to pull into a parking space to buckle her.  She said this when I was driving to a parking space".

"He might scramble me." (talking about Uh-oh.  She says scramble instead of scratch.  I LOVE it.)

"I can't get married soon. I'm too little for that."

"Please dad, you're stressting me out!!"

Some more random pics from this month:

Here are some videos from this month:
1- This is a video of LL and her prit.  She calls her little blankets (there are two) "prits" and she rubs them a certain way.

2- Here is a video of LL "teaching" Uh-Oh how to meow.

4 - Here are two videos of LL singing "Oh this God" in the car on the way home from church.  Video 1.   Video 2.  

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