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Good Nutrition For Healthy Infants

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Good Nutrition for Healthy Infants

Babies are cute, fun, and adorable. They also require a lot of work and any new mom will confirm the fact that there isn’t much downtime when it comes to caring for a newborn. Fortunately for new moms, all the time they spend with their infants, changing diapers, feeding them, pumping, mixing formula, singing lullabies, and making phone calls to the pediatrician is all worth it. It’s all a part of the nurturing process that bonds babies to their mothers in the early part of their lives. The most important forms of nurturing any new mom can provide to her infant child is proper nutrition and health care. There are a few basics all new moms should know to ensure they are doing the best possible job parenting their new little loves.

Finding a Pediatrician

One of the most important things a mom can do for her baby is to find a pediatrician she likes as well as trusts. This is a process that starts well before going into labor—taking childbirth classes, making decisions on options like pain management,
cord blood banking, and immunizations, and finding a pediatrician that they are comfortable with. Of course, moms who live far from the hospital in which they give birth can use the pediatrician at the hospital at the time of delivery since theirs likely won’t make a hospital visit from far away.

The pediatrician is the person who provides the most important health care to any woman’s child. The pediatrician sees infants on a regular basis to check that the baby is growing and functioning at the right pace. The pediatrician also sees the baby when he or she is sick to determine the cause of the illness and to prescribe a treatment method, such as antibiotics. New moms should never give their infants over-the-counter medication without first consulting their pediatrician.


The next most important aspect of raising a newborn is feeding the baby. Some moms
choose to breastfeed their newborn babies. This is important because the first few days of life, moms produce colostrum rather than breast milk. Colostrum is full of nutrients that help children to fight off illness, disease, and to obtain the adequate nutrition required for a new baby. After a few days, colostrum turns into breast milk, which is the healthiest form of food a newborn can have.

Other moms choose to forgo breastfeeding and instead opt to provide their children with formula. Formula is good for infants, but it does not have all the same nutrients as a mother’s breast milk. However, it is safe and healthy for infants, and some doctors even recommend that breastfeeding mothers supplement with formula from time to time. Once an infant turns five or six months old, his or her pediatrician will recommend moms start feeding their child solid foods. These foods are a form of pureed fruit and pureed vegetables, which are full of nutrients that children need to function properly. Good nutrition not only helps children’s brains and bodies to function, it also helps their development. 

With help from a pediatrician and by choosing a feeding method that works best for mom and baby, baby will be living a happy life and developing into a healthy child.

“This is a guest post written by Katie Moore. Katie is an active writer within the Mom-o-sphere of the blogging world. Just after becoming a Mom herself, Katie took to blogging to share her knowledge and passion for motherhood, pregnancy, children, fitness and overall health. She enjoys spending time with her family, writing and researching, and connecting with others! If you have any questions or would like to connect with Katie please contact by visiting her blog “Moore From Katie,” or her twitter @moorekm26."


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