Monday, August 20, 2012

Lorelai is starting PRESCHOOL!!!

Last February, Matt and I started touring preschools to find the one that we wanted LL to attend for the 2012-2013 school year.  We toured a few and ended up picking Park Avenue United Methodist Church (PAUMC).  We were CRAZY impressed with the staff, the facilities, and the whole atmosphere.  We just knew that it was a perfect fit for LL and where we wanted her to be.  

Her official first day of school was August 15, but we had her open house on August 13.  She was a little nervous when we were going, but she really warmed up while we were there.  I love her classroom and her teachers, and I can't say enough how super excited for her I am.  I really think that she is going to LOVE school and just really enjoy it this year.  Here is how our open house went:

Ready to go to Open House!

I can't believe my best girl is old enough to go to school!!

Waiting in line at school.

Her classroom (outside the door).  Their class theme is stars.

They had a craft set up for the kids to work on.  LL picked a blue star and glued nothing but blue squares all over it.  And her outfit was all blue.  Notice a theme?  :)

She got her book bag and is ready to go!

She had her first "homework" assignment.  We filled out the top and she got to decorate the bottom.  The big blue circle is a moon rock (???), and then she added princess stickers.  :)  Every week there is a "super star" of the class who is the class helper.  When it's her turn, this poster will hang in the "super star of the week" section of the bulletin board.  

I can't wait to see how much she grows and learns this school year!

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