Wednesday, August 1, 2012

LL cute things July

Me:"How did you get to be so smart?"
LL: "'Cause that's what Lorelai's do!"

Instead of saying "terrific", she says it, "terrifit"

One of her favorite movies this month has been Shrek 2.  She has seriously been obsessed.  One day she wanted to call them on the phone, so Matt went in the other room and I called his cell.  He is really good at voices and over the phone to a 3 year old, he sounded EXACTLY the same.  She LOVED it and talked about it for days!!  It was a good thing she never asked why Daddy always had to go to the bathroom when we called them.  ;)

She was thirsty one night, but instead of saying, "I'm thirsty", she said, "I'm drinky".

She told me one night, "Cooper is my favorite baby!"

Every night she has to have nightly "talks" with us.  If we try and skip out on them, she tells us, "but we didn't talk about it!"  Basically, we just lay in bed with her for about 5 minutes and talk about whatever in the world she thinks of.  It is so sweet and so precious.  I think it's great that both of us are forming a bond with her where she feels like she can talk to us and tell us anything (which is exactly what she's doing on these nightly talks).  Nothing is off limits of her to tell us.  Really, she does 90% of the talking and Matt and I just listen to her until she's done.  I also love that she does it with BOTH of us.  It doesn't matter which one of us does her "talks" - she is satisfied with either of us.  :)

She started using big girl toothpaste (the kind you have to spit out instead of being able to swallow) this month.  We're still working on NOT actually swallowing it, but she's getting better.  :)

Started thanking Jesus for cooper when he was 3 weeks old.  Her prayers at night are always about whatever SHE talks to Jesus about.  We never tell her what she has to pray for.  It was so cute that she incorporated him into her prayers all on her own.

She calls Cooper "my baby".  :)  She has also come up with her own nickname for him - "Coopey Coop!"  I love it.

She told me one day, "I was just laying down and closing my eyes for a couple of weekends".

She has become OBSESSED with stuffed animals this month.  For a long time, she didn't care about them at all.  All of a sudden, she is always attached to one.  The one that she is in love with changes every few days, but she is never without one!

She and I drove to Peking one night to pick up dinner.  When we were leaving she called out, "Thank you for the lunch!"  It was SUPER cute!

She has started giving us a new excuse when she wants to do something and we say no.  Now she'll tell us, "Jesus said I could!". Haha - it totally makes me crack up.

A lot of time at bed time she will tell us, "You forgot a kiss and a hug!" just to get us to go back in there one more time.  Of course, we have NEVER forgotten to kiss or hug her before bed, but how do you turn down her wanting another one?  Exactly.  You don't.

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Nicole @ Two and Two is 4 said...

Awww, too cute!! I think my favorite is that she has nightly talks! That is great that she tells you anything! Hopefully that kind of communication will continue as she gets older!