Friday, August 31, 2012

Cooper's 2 Month Doctor Visit

Yesterday we took Cooper back to the doctor for his 2 month well-baby check-up.  I was NOT looking forward to this visit because it was his first round of shots.  And any parent can tell you that watching your baby get shots is one of the worst parts of being a parent.  While I was anxious about the shots, I was really excited to see how he's grown.  Just this week I washed all of his 3-6 month size clothes and, while they're a little big, they are by no means swallowing him at all.  I KNOW that he's huge and has grown a ton - I was just anxious to see how much!

Here are his stats at 9 weeks old:
Weight: 14 lbs 8 oz (95%)  +4 lbs 8 oz since 2 weeks old
Height: 23.5 inches (75%)  +2 inches since 2 weeks old
Head Circumference: 15 3/4 inches (I think she said around 50%?)

Basically, this means that he is wider than he is long - haha.  She said he is pretty much off the charts with weight.  I asked her about his weight and if she was worried about it.  Don't get me wrong - I really do LOVE having a big baby.  My fear is just that he will STAY this big.  Obesity is such a problem in our country, and I do NOT want my kids to start out life with a weight problem.  She said that it was absolutely nothing to worry about and that breastfed babies can NOT be overfed.  She said that he looks great and that it will all even out here as he grows (and especially once he gets mobile).  

She asked  us some basic developmental questions, and she seemed really shocked when we told her that he can roll over.  Then, when Matt told her that he could roll over both ways (on his tummy to both the left and the right), she looked at us like we were crazy.  I even told her, "I have it on video!" - haha.  And I told her that he does it ALL the time.  Of course when we put him on his belly on the table, he just put his head down and screamed and wouldn't do it.  I have no clue if she really believed us, but we know it's true.  ;)  She did say that it was really early for him to be doing that.  I agree, but I don't think we have a genius baby or anything.  I think his round shape just helps him a lot.  ;)

She looked him over really well and checked his eyes, belly, privates, soft spot, ears, lungs/heart, and even his morrow reflex (the startling reflex).  While everything checked out fine, there is one area that we are very mildly concerned with.  When he was born, he was pretty bruised up from his fast trip out of my pelvis.  He had a bruise on his forehead, cheek, thigh, and arm.  They told us that all of them would go away, but the one on his arm is still hanging out.  She said that in the hospital when she checked him out, she really thought it was a bruise, but now, she had no idea what it was.  It's not a huge concern, but she does want to know what it really is.  I asked her if she thought it might be a birth mark, but she said she really didn't think so because of two reasons.  1 - it's more purple than red.  2 - it looks like it's UNDER the skin.  Not colored skin.  To me, it does look smaller than it did initially, so I think it might be shrinking.  She said that we were going to just watch it until he was about 6 months old.  If it is still there at 6 months, she'll refer us to a pediatric dermatologist in Thomasville and we'll go see what she thinks.  That appointment *might* require a biopsy, so I'm just praying that it goes away on it's own.  I asked her how concerned she was about it, and she said not very, she just wanted to know what it is.  So we're just praying that it actually IS a bruise and just goes away on it's own!

The only other thing that I asked her about was his hair.  LL lost all of her hair when she was about 6ish weeks old, and it very slowly started growing back in.  She said that losing their hair is actually not that common (most babies keep what they're born with) and that he will most likely keep his.  She said he might lose it since LL did, but she didn't think so. 

Other than that, his appointment went great.  He got one oral vaccination and three shots.  He did scream during the shots, but stopped before I could even pick him up.  So far I haven't even had to give him any Tylenol.  He hasn't been fussy, has been sleeping fine, and hasn't had a fever.  The only thing that I've noticed is that he has been pooping a TON.  I don't know if it's a result of the vaccinations or if he would have done this anyway.  

We go back in two months (the middle of November, so he'll actually be almost 5 months old) for his next well-baby visit!


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