Friday, August 3, 2012

Cooper's 1 Month Doctor Visit

When we took Cooper to his two week doctor's appointment, she told us that she wanted us to come back in two weeks (typically we wouldn't go back until he was two months old) to check his jaundice, belly button, and weight.

At his last appointment, I was not too happy with the girl that we saw.  This time his appointment was with the same girl and I really liked her this time.  Maybe she had a bad day last time?  Or I did?  Or we both did?  I don't know.  Anyway - here's what happened at his appointment:

1 - His weight was FANTASTIC.  At his two week appointment, he weighed 10 lbs.  At his 4 week appointment, he weighed 11 lbs 8 oz!  Holy cow!!  That means he gained 24 oz in 14 days!  I don't think I have anything to worry about when it comes to his eating!  I guess it just goes to show you that you can have a FAST nurser who is efficient at it.  

2 - She looked at his belly button (his cord was gone), and said that he had a small umbilical hernia, but that it would go away on it's own.  She also said that he had a granuloma in there and that they could put some silver nitrate on there to make it shrink down.  I asked her if it would hurt and she said that they don't really have any nerve endings in there.  When they did the procedure before we left, he didn't even care.

3 - She said his jaundice looked good and while he still has a little, it's all moving in the right direction.

4 - She asked if he was still having good diapers and I told her that he had started pooping only once a day.  She said that was fine as long as it wasn't hard and that it was still yellow.  It is still all of those things, so we don't have to worry.  She said that between 4-6 weeks their bodies become much more efficient at processing stuff, so a lot of times their pooping will start to slow down.

5 - I told her that he had been much fussier lately than we were used to and that I thought it might be related to gas.  She said that a baby's fussiness peaks at 6 weeks and then will start to go down until 12 weeks.  So, basically, we're building up to that 6 week mark.  At this time in his life, he's really starting to become more aware of how he's feeling and he's figuring out how to tell us how he feels about EVERYTHING.  I told her we had started to give him gas drops and she said that was fine, but to not give him mylacon at every feeding because it could constipate him.

6 - I asked her about the bruise on his arm because it's still there.  I told her that Dr. Blache had looked at it in the hospital and said that it was a bruise (he was also bruised in other places because we had such a fast delivery) and that it would go away.  All of the other bruises went away quickly, but this one is still sticking around.  She looked at it and said she doesn't think it's a bruise but a dermatological issue.  She said to make sure that his two month appointment was with Dr. Blache so that she could look at it then.

It was a really good appointment, and I'm so happy that I liked her much better this time than last time.  We go back in a month to check on little man and to get some shots.  :(  Hopefully he won't weigh 20 lbs by then - haha.



Emily said...

Dang this kid is a chunk!!! Kye had the hernia thing too...I didn't even know he had it until our insurance told us haha. I've never heard that about mylicon?!? I gave it to britt every feeding and she never had issues? Glad u liked her better this time around! I'm interested to hear more about this bruise spot??? Maybe its just his little birth mark :)

Anna & Kirby said...

Yay for a good check-up! My son is 6 weeks and we were concerned about the fussiness too. Our doctor said the same thing too... it's just that time. I didn't realize it could last until 12 weeks though... yikes!