Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cooper - Week 8

Cooper was 7 weeks old (in his 8th week) from August 13 - August 19.  This was also a busier than normal week because LL had her Open House for preschool on Monday and started school on Wednesday.  While these were all really great things, it also threw our typical week into a "new normal".  Here's what Cooper was up to this week:

Nursing:  This is still going great.  Cooper is still a wonderful nurser and we're not really having any issues.  It's at the point where this is just super easy for both of us and we really do both just "get it".  The only difference that I saw this week is that he actually started taking a little LONGER to eat this week.  Typically he's been taking between 8-10 minutes only on one side per feeding.  This week he started taking between 15-30 minutes on one side per feeding.  It's not really been an issue, just something interesting.  I really think that Cooper was in a wonder week this week because, along with nursing longer, he also had lots of sleep issues.

Sleeping:  While nursing went well this week, sleeping did NOT.  His first nap was terrible every single day this week.  He typically goes down for his first nap between 7:45 - 8:00.  Every single day I would have to go and get him by 9:00 because he was screaming.  NOTHING I did seemed to help and I just had to basically try to keep him as calm as possible until it was time to eat at 10:30.  On the up side, he slept in his car seat all three days that we went to pick LL up from school.  This is awesome because his nap time actually starts when we leave, so him sleeping while we drive actually works out perfectly.  Hopefully this wonder week will end soon and his sleeping will get better for this first nap!

He busted out of his swaddle one night but was still snoozing away.

Snuggling before church on Sunday.

PRECIOUS sleeping face.  

I do love snuggling a sleeping baby!

Schedule:  He's on the same 3.5 hour schedule that he was on last week.  He's doing great on it!

Development/What's Going On:  Here are some other things Cooper has been up to this week:
-He has really started to find his hands this week and is getting great at getting his hands to his mouth.
-He has been getting SUPER huge and super hard boogers every day!  For the first time since he's been born, I've had to start using the saline and the sucker bulb to get them out.
-He has FOR SURE had a witching hour every evening from 6:30 - 8:00.  It is my least favorite time of the day for sure.  It is VERY hard to keep him happy/not crying during this time.
-This week his eyes are starting to look a little brown right around his pupil and grey around the edges.
-I had to order new swaddles (size large) this week because his small/medium ones are getting really tight and hard to use.  He can also bust out of them pretty easily.
-He has started to suck on his hands when he's hungry.
-He found the birds and mirror on his swing and loves to stare at them when he's in there.  He also still LOVES to look at the fan.
-My assumption that he was in a wonder week was proven true on Saturday - he rolled over (from belly to back) 3 times!!  At first I thought it was a fluke, but he's done it TONS!  I was so proud of him!  Talk about developmental leaps!
-He has started smiling more.  We still have to work pretty hard to get them, but we're starting to see them daily and sometimes multiple times a day.  He for sure smiles at Daddy more than anybody.

Here are some random pictures of Cooper this week:

This is how his first nap of the day went for most of the week.  Me holding him after a bout of screaming and refusing to stay in his crib and begging him to go back to sleep.  Stinker.

Here's a cute video of Cooper "talking" to me one morning.

Bahaha.  He'll love me for this one day.  ;)

Sportin' his kicks for the first time!

I still LOVE his fuzzy hair!

The front still sticks up a little on it's own.

He is always suuuuuper sweet first thing in the morning.  :)

Somebody isn't too keen on dressing up for church - haha.


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Victoria McLean Hall said...

Oh my, the video of Copper 'talking' is super cute! I had my little girl on the 16th June so it's really nice to read what you're up to with Cooper! She also has a Strawberry, but her's is on her face so it was great to see how your little girls progressed over her first year. I have to say I 'borrowed' your view on it calling it an extra decoration when I talk about it to others, as we do get comments with it being on her cute little face.