Monday, July 2, 2012

Cooper's Birth Story {Part 1}

Even though Cooper was born on Monday, June 25, I'm going to start this on the Saturday, June 23.

Saturday - June 23
We knew that this was probably going to be our last weekend as a family of three.  I had my appointment schedule for Monday at 9:15 for an ultrasound to determine how big Baby C was.  After the ultrasound, we were going to make a plan with Marie for when and how to get him out.  Originally, my sister and her family were going to be in town this weekend, but work plans changed for them and that just wasn't possible.  She called and asked if she could come down on Saturday by herself (without Gino and Ben) just to spend some time with me/us before Baby C came.  Of course I said sure.  LL spent the night with Oma and Opa the night before (and Matt and I had our last "date" - post to come!), so we got to sleep in some.  Matt actually got up pretty early to smoke a boston butt, so I woke up around 8:00 to him bringing me breakfast in bed (cinnamon rolls!).  I got up and got showered and ready and my sister got in town shortly after.  We headed to Dad's (me and Laura) to pick up LL and bring her home for the day.  We spent the day together (me, Matt, Laura, and LL) just at the house doing a little bit of cleaning, some cooking, and just being together.  After LL woke up from her nap, the boston butt was almost done and Clint and Sarah came over for dinner.  It wasn't anything fancy or anything, but we had a good time just all hanging out together.

Sunday - June 24
Laura woke up super early and went back to Atlanta.  Matt and I had already talked about it a few days before and decided that we were not going to go to church this day.  We never skip church, but it has been increasingly hard to get there every week.  I'm pretty exhausted by the time we even get there, and then I have a really hard time paying attention in service because I'm typically so uncomfortable in those chairs.  While none of these are reasons NOT to go to church, they played a big role in us making the decision to stay home.  Plus, we really wanted just a family day (just the three of us) to just enjoy. 

We never really did anything specific on Sunday.  We went outside and played for a little bit before the rain started (hello Tropical Storm Debbie!), and then we just spent the rest of our time watching movies, playing with playdough, reading books, doing puzzles, cuddling, etc.  It really was the perfect family day.  Even though we were really enjoying ourselves, I just was not feeling the greatest.  I had gotten very minimal sleep the night before (probably only 3-4 hours), my stomach just was feeling pretty weird and tight (not unusual, either.  It had felt this way every now and then for a few weeks).  At one point in the early evening, I went to lay down in our bed because I was just feeling off and needed to rest. 

While I was laying down, LL came in and told me that she wasn't feeling great.  I felt her head and her body and she felt very warm.  I asked Matt about it and he said that he had noticed it also.  We got the thermometor and took her temperature (you would have thought we were killing her) and it did show a very mild fever.  We tried to give her a dose of ibprofin, but she fought us pretty good and only got about half of it down.  It was about dinner time and when I asked her what she wanted to eat, she said spaghetti.  I fixed her some, but she refused to eat anything.  I asked her if she wanted to do several things (watch a movie, cuddle, take a bath, eat, etc.) and she said no to everything.  I asked her if she wanted to go to bed, and she said yes.  This was right around 6:00 - so about an hour and a half to two hours before her normal bed time.  This is NOT like LL at all.  I can probably count on about 2 fingers the number of times that LL has asked to go to bed early in her entire life.  Every time we asked her what hurt, she just kept saying her forehead.  We got her ready for bed and she was out cold by about 6:45.  This was the first time that LL had run a fever in about a year, so Matt and I just felt super uncomfortable about it.  It had been so long that we just felt really out of practice about it.  And of course she started running the first fever in a year the weekend before the week we knew Baby C would be here.

I kept going in there every 45 minutes or so to check her temp to see if it was going down.  She was sleeping so lightly that she woke up every time that I went in there.  She only wanted one thing this entire time that she wasn't feeling good - her daddy.  I went in to check on her one last time before we went to bed (about 10:15) and her fever was back up to almost 102.  It had been 5 hours since the last time we gave her meds, so I knew she needed some more.  She was pretty upset about them, but I explained to her that if she didn't take any medicine, I was probably going to have to take her to the doctor the next day, but if she took it, then maybe it would get rid of her fever and we might not have to go.  She wasn't happy about it, but she reluctantly took them.  This is when she got super pitiful.  She started crying/whimpering and asking for her daddy.  She just kept saying that she wanted him and needed him to hold her.  She also kept asking him to stay and not leave her. 

We have a pretty strict "no sleeping together" policy with LL.  She was just so sad and pitiful, and wanted her daddy SO much, that we decided to have Matt just sleep with her.  She really wanted him, it would give us both a piece of mind that he was so close to her (especially MY piece of mind), and it would (hopefully) give me a little better night's sleep to have the bed to myself. 

Matt crawled in bed with her about 10:45 and I headed off to bed in our room.  I had a good bit of trouble falling asleep because I was so worried about her, but I finally fell asleep about 11:15.



Amanda said...

Ahhh...what a way to leave us hanging!!! :) I can't WAIT to hear the rest.

Gino said...

Amanda, I'm not sure, but I think Robyn's already spoiled the surprise ending.

Amanda said...

LOL Gino!!! Good point but I love hearing delivery stories since I had both of my girls via c-section. :)