Friday, June 15, 2012

Weekend At Grammy's

Over Memorial Day, Matt took a trip out to Louisianna to visit some of his family.  Our plane ticket vouchers were about to expire, and since I used mine to go to California, Matt needed to use his before it was just wasted.  He left super early on Friday morning and came back around LL's bed time on Monday.  Since I was huge pregnant and get exhausted to easily, LL and I packed our bags and headed to spend the weekend with Grammy!  This way, I could get lots of help with her without having to sacrifice spending time with her.  Here are some of the things that we did while we were there...

We baked cookies....

Can you tell what her snack was?  A blue popsicle.  :)

I LOVE it.

Sneaking in a taste test...

...and not worried when she gets caught.  :)

Stirring the batter!  (Yes, she insisted on wearing this glove ALL day.  Just one.  She even napped in it.)

Ready to bake!

Tasting the final product.  And they were a success!

We blew bubbles....

I love seeing the excitement of a child - even in the simple things like bubbles!

Blowing Mommy some kisses!

We had mani/pedis....

She was very serious about painting Grammy's toenails!

On Sunday, LL and I hopped over to Gigi's house for a little bit to use the pool.  We had a really good time and LL enjoyed being silly in the pool.  

She learned this day that she was tall enough to walk in the shallow end of Gigi's pool.  She must have done this 100 times!

Here's a video of her loving all of the walking she can do!

Thank you SO MUCH to Grammy and Pop for letting us crash for the weekend!  We really appreciated it and had a blast!