Friday, June 8, 2012

Mother's Day = Another Day of Fishing (Like Last Year)

Every year, our Mother's Day plans are pretty much the same.  We go to church in the morning, come home for lunch and naps, and then go to Uncle Bryan's and Aunt Missy's for Mother's Day dinner - and this year was no different.  (You can see last year's post here, and the post from 2010 here)

Since we knew that we would be doing fishing (well - I wouldn't.  Matt and LL would), we did NOT get dressed cute at all.  It had been raining a TON, so we just threw on some shorts and t-shirts and rain boots and headed down to Uncle Bryan's house.

Me and my best girl!!

Getting all ready to catch some fish!

She knows what to do.  :)  I LOVE this picture.

LL's FAVORITE part about going to Uncle Bryan's house - Chase!

Daddy caught her a fish!  Take 1...

Take 2...

There's no shame in a grown man fishing with a Tinker Belle poll, right??

LL had such a great time and that's what makes me the happiest as a mommy!


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Emily said...

That picture of her fishing is precious!