Monday, June 4, 2012

LL Cute Things - May

One of Lorelai's new favorite things to ask us is, "Are you kidding me?!"  I have no clue where she got this from, but it cracks us up every single time.  Most of the time she uses it, she uses it correctly, but she gets it wrong occasionally, too.  She never does it disrespectfully - she is always playing when she says it.  Honestly, I hope it sticks around a while because it's so darn cute!

LL has also started making her own play on words.  She'll take normal words that she knows and turns them into "funny words".  One of the best examples of this is "Amen".  She's been saying Amen for forever (and usually says "amem"), but lately she's started saying "Amemers".  Again - no clue where she got this, but it's also VERY cute.  :)

Matt went out of town for a long weekend (post to come!) and LL and I stayed at Grammy's house while he was gone.  She had a small hammer one day (don't remember where she got it?!) and she was banging it softly on the rug and looked at Grammy and said, "Grammy, can I fix the house?".

My sister came in town with be this month (remember?).  After dinner one night we dismissed the kids from the table early and they headed into the living room to play on the iPad together.  I started not feeling too great, so I left the table early, too, and went to lay down in the living room.  The kids paid no attention to me when I came it.  LL was cuddled up to Ben on the couch - she was sitting right up next to him with her head on his shoulder.  Ben was playing some train game on the iPad and LL was just watching him.  After a minute she looked at him and said, "You are SO smart."  It really made my heart melt - it was adorable!

She has started calling Cheerios "circle cereal".  She knows the real name, but she just decided to call them this on her own.

She called the neighbor kid over to play one night (totally on her own - wow she's growing up).  His name is Marcus (and she knows this) - but she totally insisted on calling him "Marcuses" - haha.

One night WAAAY after she went to bed (it was around 9:00) I just had a huge urge to go and cuddle her.  I decided that I would sneak into her room and just cuddle her in her bed even if she was asleep.  I walked in really quietly and laid down.  To my surprise, she was still awake.  She cuddled up to me really tight and said, "Mommy - I was just missing you so much!"  Evidently we were both feeling the same way about each other!  

Matt was singing "Love Shack" from the B52's one night and LL has TOTALLY picked it up ever since.  She has been singing it a ton lately (just the "bang, bang, bang on the door baby" part).  I showed her a video of them singing it on youtube and she started dancing and said, "You have to move your body to the beat!"

When she's frustrated with me, she says, "Mooom!" like a teenager! I didn't think I'd be hearing that for another 10 years or so!

When I'm getting her dressed, I'll often sit on her bed and have her stand on her bed in front of me.  When I do this, she'll hold onto the top of my head to maintain her balance - so cute!

This is the first time in the history of her having her ears pierced (over 2 years now!) that she's let me take them out, clean them, and put them back in with no fuss.  She knew exactly what I was doing, helped me clean them, and laughed when I put them back in.  Success!!

This has been the month of independence with her going to the potty.  She no longer wants us to ask her if she has to do (and will often tell us no).  She wants to just go when she needs to and for us to leave her alone about it.  And she's doing great with it!


Emily said...

she is getting to be SO pretty!!! she's always been cute, but now she's PRETTY!!! she looks MEGA grown up in these, guess she's ready to be a big sister ;)

B F said...

Your girl is gorgeous :)