Friday, June 1, 2012

Garden Update

If you remember, LL and Daddy have planted a garden this year just like they did last year.  Our garden last year didn't do very well, but the garden this year is doing great!!  We're not producing enough to feed the neighborhood or anything, but we're definitely getting some produce.

One the same day that we went outside and played in the pool for the first time, Matt got a "harvest" from the garden.  This particular time produced a couple of squash and some turnips.  I don't really know how it came about that he planted turnips?  Apparently, he likes them.  This I didn't know about until this year.  He also, apparently, likes to just eat them raw.  He washed it off inside, peeled it, and brought it back out.  I was interested to see what LL thought and, shocker, she liked it.  I'm telling you - this kid LOVES raw fruits and veggies.  And I like that about her so much.  :)

Proud of her squash.


These thing were legit - they were pretty huge!

First bite...

She liked it so much she took it from Daddy.  :)

Another time Daddy and LL went out to check and came back in with more squash and some carrots.  We'll have to remember next year to plant waaay more carrots.  LL LOVES them and she ate every single one out of the garden this year.  Carrots is one of those things that we always have in our fridge because she loves them as a snack.  Raw carrots and cherry/grape tomatoes are her favorite foods - hands down.

The funny looking carrots.  LL didn't mind, though!

Silly Daddy

Here's a quick, cute little video of LL eating her carrot and explaining to me where it came from.  :)

I'm thinking that next year Daddy needs to make the garden even bigger!


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