Friday, June 29, 2012

C is for.....

Cooper Bryan Mullican
Born: June 25, 2012
7:20 am
9 lbs 5 oz
21 inches long

His name
Before we found out the gender of the baby, we talked and talked about names.  We finally narrowed our girls name down to one (Ava Lucy), but we couldn't get our boys list down to one; we got stuck at two: Cooper Bryan and Anderson Bryan.  We decided to just leave them both in and would make the decision if he was indeed a boy.  We both do like Anderson Cooper (and my brother-in-law works for CNN - haha), and I also have a cousin who named his little boy Anderson.  Well, we went to our gender ultrasound and he was indeed a boy.  When we left, I told Matt that I understood what it means for a father to have a son and that I wanted him to pick the name - I was fine with both.  Obviously, we know which one he picked.  One of the main reasons that he chose Cooper over Anderson is that fact that we do NOT like Andy.  And we knew that people would do that, even if we didn't want them to.  If we had named him Anderson, we would have wanted people to call him Anderson.  That would have been a battle.  With Cooper, we totally love the nickname Coop and don't mind if people call him that.  In fact, we already do call him that some at home.

First and foremost, we really just like the name.  When we set out to pick baby names, we never intentionally tried to pick a family name.  We both thought that Bryan just fit in with both Anderson and Cooper.  I asked Matt about a million times if he wanted to put "Matthew" in there somewhere, but it just wasn't something he felt super strongly about.  Bryan is a family name on Matt's side.  He had a Grandma Bryan (Bryan was the last name), and then his brother is also named Bryan.  We talked about it some, and even tried to come up with another middle name, but we both just kept coming back to Bryan over and over again. 

So there you go!  There's the story of "Baby C" and who he really is and why!  Up next: his birth story!

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Joeylee said...

Cute name. Congrats again