Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Brown Brownies

Sometimes I really wish that I could just freeze LL at the age that she is now.  While almost 3 1/2 can some days be a really tough age, for the most part, it is the most fun I think we could have.  She's really old enough to have conversations with and to really get things, but still young enough to have TONS of innocence and to still be funny in her "babyness".  I really wish that I could just remember some of our day-to-day conversations of her being this age because she is just so sweet and funny.

One night after dinner she was asking for "brown brownies".  We actually DID happen to have brownies in the kitchen, but how she knew this I'll never know.  We hadn't mentioned it to her at all and we had been eating on them every night after she went to bed.  I also have no idea why she was calling them "brown brownies" instead of just brownies (like she usually says).  I decided to get it on video just to capture a little bit of her at this age.  Nothing special.  Not a video of her showing how smart she is or how funny she is - just a video of her at this age to help me remember for forever.  

So here you two installments, LL and the "brown brownies".  :)



queenofexcaliberツ said...

I have a ton of videos I never share just so I can remember some things. <3

Recording Megow Adventures said...

it gets better and better, that's the exciting part :)
and another exciting part is that you get to have another 3.5 year old some day,,I think about that all the time :) :)