Monday, June 11, 2012

Baby C's Nursery

Alrighty - after LOTS of working, I finally feel like Baby C's nursery is close enough to being done that I can share it with you all.  There still are a few things that we need to do, but it is completed for the most part. you go!

When you are in the hallway looking into Baby C's room, here is what you see.  (Excuse the bags at the door - we're all packed and ready to go!)

When you walk in the doorway, this is your view.

When you turn to the right, you can see the dresser, window, closet door, and changing table.  The rocking chair is the same one that I used in LL's nursery.  I really wanted to get it recovered in black or grey, but it just didn't happen.  It's one of those things that I just had to realize was not *that* big of a deal and would be fine like it is.  At least it's a neutral!  The dresser and changing table were the ones that my sister had for Ben and held onto for us.  For LL, we spent tons of money on a really nice convertible crib and dresser and she's still using both of them now.  With him, we wanted to wait and spend the big bucks when he got his big boy furniture to give us more options in what to get him.  I like what LL has, but it's not what I would have chosen for her as a pre-schooler.  I guess after this I can tell you which option I think is the best one to go with.  :)  Eventually, I'm going to frame a "Keep Calm and Rock On" poster to put above the dresser.

The curtains/cornice board I'm super proud of.  Matt's mom made all of our bedding (the crib skirt, sheets, curtains, and changing table pads).  I told Matt that I wanted a cornice board above the curtains - and we did it all by ourselves (well - mostly Matt - haha)!  He just bought a piece of wood from Home Depot, made the basic shape, and then we covered it in batting and then more of the stripe material.  I think it turned out great!  Eventually, I'm going to get a big "C", cover it in the guitar fabric, and put it in the middle of the cornice board.

Mrs. Becky did the tie backs in the guitar fabric and I think it adds a cute little touch.  :)

Inside of the dresser we have towels, burp cloths, blankets, and swaddles/boppy covers.  We pulled out all of the books from LL's room that were more "babyish" and put them in his room.  The top shelf and the two drawers are empty, but I'm sure that I'll find things to put in them once he gets here!
This is the closet door (on the left), changing table, and doorway into the hallway.

This is the shelf above his changing table.  This star used to hang outside on our back porch, but I think it looks way cuter in his room.  The diaper cake is from his baby shower - it's just too cute to take apart right now!

I put this little bird sticker under the shelf (since this will be his view while his diaper will be getting changed).  I think it's a cute little secret just for him.  :)

The black box on the left hold diapers.

The black box on the right holds lotions, diaper creams, etc.

The top drawer holds all of his onesies/socks.  The bottom drawer is empty, but again, I'm sure I'll fill it up soon.

If you walk in and look to the left, this is what you see.  The floating shelves and the storage cubes are from Ikea.  The lamp will eventually be replaced with a bigger version of the one on the dresser, but it's just not here yet.  It's something that I told my sister I needed help on so she's on a mission to find one for me - haha.

These black boxes are 100% storage.  Our house is not very big, and Baby C's closet is about half the size of LL's closet - so we are always on the hunt for ways to add more storage to a room!

 Last, but not least, here's the crib area.  The car seat stuff will be cleared out soon (on the left) as we need to get it in the cars asap.  Instead, on the left side, will be his laundry hamper (as soon as we get one - haha).  I have had SUCH a hard time finding a hamper that is black or grey and doesn't look like it belongs to a college kid.  Thankfully, my sister finally found one, so we should have one soon.  Mrs. Becky made the crib skirt and the sheets (I think they're ADORABLE and not bad at all for her first time!) and the bumper is the same one that we had for LL.  It's a breathable bumper - so no worries about the sids stuff.

The vinyl part above his crib is not 100% complete yet.  We also have his name in turquoise that will go right across the middle of the C, but we're obviously not putting it up until he gets here.

This is another recycled project.  We took apart LL's old mobile.  Mrs. Becky made a new sleeve for it, and my sister is making the actual mobile part for it.  I'll put a picture below of what it's going to look like.  :)

This is the inspiration mobile that we found on Pinterest, so it should turn out something like this.

So, that's it!  I hope you like it!  And if you don't - it's totally fine -because Matt and I (and LL!) LOVE it!  I'm extremely proud of it - especially because I really came up with all the concepts on my own.  A HUGE thanks to Mrs. Becky (for making so much for the room!), my sister (for being on the hunt for things for me and making the mobile!), and Matt (for dealing with my OCD about the room!).  Lord knows this pregnant girl wouldn't have been able to do much on my own in here!



Philip Brown said...

Love it Robyn!! Can't wait for Baby C to arrive!

Katherine said...

That was Katherine above...not Philip!

LC said...

Adorable nursery!!!

Brittany said...

Where did you get the changing table and armoir from?

Robyn said...

It was a hand-me-down from my sis. But I think she just got it from Wal-mart??