Sunday, June 10, 2012

Baby C's Baby Shower!

As soon as I found out I was pregnant (back in October), Emily told me that she wanted to throw me a baby shower.  We actually sat down and planned a date back in like January, so I've been looking forward to it since!  If you know anything about Emily, you know that she is SUPER hardcore about having a theme for things and sticking to them.  I LOVE it and it means that the shower turned out super cute!  This really was one of the cutest baby showers that I have every seen - and I'm so honored that it was for Baby C!

Here's the invitation that Emily sent out.  She kept the theme a secret from me, so I found out when I got my invitation like everyone else.  The them was "little man" - isn't it adorable??

All ready to leave my house for the shower!

Emily did SO GOOD with the decorations!!!  My sister helped her with some of the stuff, too, and together they came up with some really cute ideas!  This was the diaper cake - the little bow ties are real and Baby C can totally wear them one day.  :)

Even the plates matched the theme!

The party favors for the guests - little chocolate mustaches!

Even a lot of the food played into the theme as well.

These breakfast casserole muffins were a HIT.  Everyone LOVED them and I think I ate about 30.  I'm going to have to get the recipe for sure!

Em knows that I love donuts.  :)

This punch was really awesome, too!  

One of my gifts from Emily was this really sweet book.  She game a sheet to all of the guests that they could fill in prayers for Baby C.  Then she put them all in this book and I got to take it home.  It is SUPER sweet and something I think we may continue to do on his birthdays every year!

Emily is pretty hardcore about party games and such, so I was really interested to see what she came up with for the shower.  She asked me a while ago for some baby pictures of me and Matt.  She got some really cute mustache stickers and all the guests played "stick the mustache on the baby".  It was a really cute game and very funny to watch!

Matt at a  year old.

Me at a year old.


My mom (Gigi)

Matt's mom (Grammy)

Mrs. Collins

Sometimes the mustaches ended up in very interesting places! :)

Matt's grandmother (MeeMee)


Then it was time to open gifts.  I wish I could post a picture of everything Baby C got, but that would take FOREVER.  I really am SO thankful for all of the gifts that people brought for him!  He is a blessed little boy and I'm a blessed momma to see how many people care for him and us!

Of course Grammy made a ton of cute stuff for him.  This matches his room.

Totally our style AND it fit in with the theme of the shower!

Gotta start him early!

Matt was super pumped that we got this little shark towel - he really liked it!

MeeMee got him some super cute little socks. 

Emily got me the sweetest necklace - it has a heart charm that say "love", a "c" charm and his birth stone, and an "L" charm and her birth stone.  I've already been wearing it a ton and I love it!

I could totally tell that this was one of my sister's contributions to the shower.  She is VERY crafty and she made the adorable little mustaches for people to take pictures with.  SO CUTE!

Casey and Courtney

Laura (my sis!) and Mrs. Becky


Mom and Rhonda

Ashley and Preston

MeeMee (she is SUCH a good sport!)

Me and Em


It was so cute how there were mustaches everywhere because you never knew when you would catch someone with one.  ;)

I didn't end up getting a picture with everyone who was there, but I tried to get a picture with as many people as possible!

Best friends for 23 years!

My mom and her girls

The best sister in the WORLD!

Preston wasn't too into taking a picture with me - haha.

Grammy is super happy to be getting a boy!

I was so happy that Ashley got to stop by!

The lovely hostess and one of my best friends ever!
(hopefully we won't be a puzzle pieces much longer - haha)

Even Brittlynn stopped by for about .25 seconds.  :)

I'm so happy that MeeMee lives in town, now, to share in these things!

I really had the best time - this shower was SO much fun!  Thank you SO MUCH to Emily for hosting and putting so much time and effort in, and thanks to my sister for helping her out and coming up with some really cute ideas and making some really cute things.  Also, thanks to everyone who came and made me and Baby C feel so special and loved!  I can't wait for you all to meet him!



Joeylee said...

Such a cute theme. Everything turned out too cute.

Lauren said...

Precious and so festive to welcome your little man! I would love the recipe for the breakfast casserole muffins so if you get it, please share!