Thursday, March 1, 2012

22 Weeks Pregnant!

Baby Growth: This week, Baby C is measuring about 11 inches long from head to foot and is almost a pound in weight (but we know he’s already weighing in more than that!). This week, Baby C starts putting a little meat on those bones and starts collecting body fat. Because he is starting to gain fat, I should start to feel movements more accurately (um – YES!). All of his reproductive organs are complete this week. If he has hair right now, it would be white because he hasn’t gotten his pigment in for it yet – so funny! This week, his facial features are pretty much completely developed, also.

My Symptoms: My back is still killing me this week. I honestly don’t think that there’s much I can do for it, so I probably should just get used to it. It for sure won’t get better as I get bigger! I had a prenatal massage this past weekend and the lady showed me some tricks that Matt can help me do at home to help my back when it’s hurting. We need to be doing those, for sure!

I think this dumb cold mess is finally gone. I’m still coughing every once in a while (at pretty random times), but it’s not bad at all. I’m glad that this crud is finally gone after dealing with it for two weeks!

My constipation had gotten better there for a little while, but it’s back to being pretty bad again. It’s still a LOT better than it was when I was pregnant with LL, so I’m just thankful because I know how much worse it could be!

Weight: Alright, this one is weird. I do not weigh myself every day – just at random times when I think about it (but always in the morning). I weighed myself on Sunday morning and I was up a pound. Then, I weighed myself again on Monday morning and it said I was up ANOTHER TWO POUNDS! There is no way in this world that I gained two pounds in 24 hours. I was talking to my friend Rhonda at school about it today, and she said that it’s probably water related. And if you think about it, that makes sense. I do much better about drinking water during the week, so it makes sense that my not drinking enough water over the weekend caught up to me on Monday. Also, when I weighed on Sunday, I had actually gone to the bathroom before and was not clogged up at the moment. Now, I’m back to being clogged up again. Dumb poop! All I know is, I AM COMPLETELY SURE that I did not gain 2 lbs in one day. There’s no possible way.

Belly Pictures:  I looked at these pictures after Matt took them and my immediate thought was - why in the heck is my nose so dang big?!  It looks HUGE!!  It must be the lighting or something because it looks the same in person!  Weird!

Gender: Boy!

Maternity Clothes: Still the same. I’ve actually worn LESS maternity clothes this week than normal. I’ve only worn one shirt this entire week – the rest of my clothes have been normal clothes!

Movement: This child can MOVE! His movements are getting SO MUCH STRONGER! I’m also starting to feel things that are not just kicks and punches. It feels like I’m starting to be able to tell about elbows/knees. It just seems like some of the little bumps I’m feeling are sharper than regular kicks. Which I guess would make sense if they were elbows/knees. I also feel about 95% of his movement in my upper right side. Like, a little above my belly button and pretty far to the right. I do feel little movements down low occasionally, and sometimes I’ll feel kicks on my upper left side, but neither of these things is as often. Does anyone know if it’s normal to feel the majority of movement on one side?

Sleep: This has gotten a little better than last week. I’m still not sleeping awesome, but it’s much better than it was when I was sick. I always always go to sleep on my side, but I’ve started waking up on my back a lot. Every time I do, I’ll roll over and go back to sleep on my side. I know I’m not “supposed to” sleep on my back, but what in the world can I do about this?? I remember this happening with LL, too. I mean, I can’t control what I’m doing when I’m sleeping!

What I Miss: I think I’m doing okay in this department right now. I do miss being able to hug Matt and get close to him. Now when we hug, there’s a beach ball in-between us. I remember the first time we hugged standing up after LL was born and we both LOVED how close together we felt. Now, I remember why we felt that way! We can hug now but we’re sure not close together – haha.

What I’m Looking Forward To: I’m so proud of us! We’ve actually been working a little more on his room! It is still SO OVERWHELMING to try and find a new home for everything in that room, but at least we’re continuing to make progress. ALL of the furniture is out (except for one small table and a filing cabinet), so now we strictly have to work on all of the STUFF. Matt cleaned out almost all of the closet, so at least that’s almost empty, too! We’ve also got SO MUCH stuff coming up in the next month. We are literally booked until the end of April. It’s all SUPER fun stuff, though, so I’m getting really excited!

Cravings: Still sushi. Still cheeseburgers. Not much has changed. I haven’t had either this week, though. :)

Best Moment of the Week: Two things. 1- Matt bought me a prenatal massage for Valentine’s Day. I went this past Saturday and it was AH-MAZE-ING! It seriously was one of the best massages of my life! I’m SO THANKFUL to my sweet hubby who bought that for me, even though it’s a good bit more expensive than a regular massage. It was wonderful. 2- This week LL has decided that she has a baby in her belly, too. She’s been talking about wanting us to watch her belly get big, and feeling the baby kick, etc. I took a really cute video of this that I’ll be posting soon.

My Concerns or Questions: I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, so I’ll FINALLY get to ask Marie all of the questions that I’ve been saving up!

Goals for the Week: 1- keep working on his nursery 2- get the 3D/4D ultrasound scheduled


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Emily said...

Yes, very normal to feel the movement mostly on one side! Also I had kyes 4d ultrasound at 27 weeks if that helps!