Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lorelai's 3rd Birthday: A Day All About Her!

It was no joke that the day of LL's party was CUH-RAY-ZEE.  We were all running around like chickens and we barely got to spend any time with anyone - let alone LL.

Her actual birthday fell on a Sunday and this poses a little bit of a predicament for us.  Between church, getting home for lunch, and nap, we don't get to see a lot of LL on Sundays.  Before church we're busy trying to get ready, and by the time she wakes up from nap, we only have an hour or two before we're trying to do dinner and stuff.  This was NOT how I wanted to spend her birthday.  I wanted us to spend her birthday with HER!  Celebrating her and doing all the things she loves to do!  So we did something that we've seriously never done (unless we're out of town).....we skipped church.  When Matt was working as a minister, obviously this was never even an option.  When he started working for Aflac, we joined Crosspointe pretty shortly after and have loved going that we've never missed (again - except for being out of town).  Although it felt pretty weird - we had the BEST day and I'm so happy that we spent the entire day together!

Here's what we did to celebrate:

First up on the agenda?  Going to the doughnut store!  LL LOVES doughnuts (and usually gets one at church on Sundays anyway - haha), so we went by Daylight Doughnuts and let her pick any one that she wanted.  She wanted one with sprinkles, but they were all out (??) so she settled for some holes.  I even asked her if she wanted to splurge and get chocolate milk, but she said "No - just white milk".  So funny!

After breakfast, we called to let Laura, Gino and Ben know that we were headed to the park if they wanted to come.  LL could spend all day at the park if we let her, so I knew she would be so happy.  And best of all - there was no one at the park!  It was soo empty.  I guess that's normal for a Sunday morning?  Let me also mention - LL completely picked out her outfit and hairstyle all on her own.  This day really was all about her.  :)

She had a blast at the park and even learned to climb the rock wall all by herself!  I took some videos, but I have to explain something funny about this first one.  I videoed her and then kept the camera rolling to get Ben.  When you hear me start freaking out and the camera goes crazy - I looked up and LL was at the top of the BIGGEST slide there swinging like a monkey!  Totally dangerous and totally not okay!  So that's why I act like a crazy person for a little bit.  :)

After the park, we headed to PetsMart.  One of her gifts from me and Matt was a 2 gallon fish tank for her room.  We bought the tank, but wanted to let her pick out the fish.  We said absolutely nothing about which fish she should pick and let her do it completely on her own.  We ended up with an orange gold fish (that she named Marlin) and a black goldfish (that she named Nemo).  She picked them out and named them completely on her own!

After picking out the fish, we headed home for lunch and nap.  After nap, she picked out another outfit and another hairstyle and we headed out to dinner.  We met Grammy, Pop, Oma, Opa, and Ben at The Wooden Nickel for dinner.  As a treat, Matt took her to play TONS of games (which we normally wouldn't do).  After dinner we headed over to Brusters for some ice cream.  

It was a WONDERFUL day and we had so much fun celebrating out little girl!


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