Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lorelai's 3 Year Pictures!

Usually, for Lorelai's birthdays and things, we go to Portrait Innovations to get her pictures done. (You can look back at her two year pictures)  With her lack of wanting to get her picture taken recently, I knew that wouldn't work at all.  Emily just had pictures taken by Lindsay Colson and I was super impressed with them, so I contacted her about doing LL's 3 year birthday pics.  We met up last Saturday (a week before LL's actual birthday) to do the pics.  

At first, LL was not having it at all.  She just whined and was not cooperative.  But after a few minutes (and Lindsay pulling out the bubbles!) she really started warming up.  She never did crazy fantastic, but she did MUCH better than she's been doing when someone pulls out a camera.  Here are my favorites from that day!



















Which ones do you like?  Again - a big thanks to Lindsay for such awesome pictures!



Emily said...

LOVE them!!!! GREAT family pics too! Lindsay rocks ;) And LL's legs are SO tiny!!! Adorable :)

Stephanie said...

#6 & #18 are ADORABLE!!

Joeylee said...

Very cute. I love 6 & 16