Monday, February 13, 2012

LL's 3rd Birthday: The Party

Lorelai's party started at 10:30 in the morning.  I had my kids sale that night (yes - I planned her party around the kids sale) so morning time was really the only time that worked.  I was a little nervous as I've never had one of her parties in the morning before - but it really turned out great!  Everyone was gone just in time for her to settle down a little and then she was EXHAUSTED for her nap.  

There was a really great turn-out for her party.  Out of everyone that was invited - I think there were only 3 families that didn't come.  Not bad!  We really did have a WONDERFUL time and I want to take some time to thank everyone who came!  LL STILL talks about her party and how much fun it was and it makes me so happy to see so many people we love celebrating our little girl.  

Here are some a lot of pics from the party!  Thanks again to Gino who took AH-MAZING pictures for me so that I didn't have to, and to Emily to managed to snap some with both a toddler and a baby to look after!

While all of the adults scrambled around Saturday morning to get everything finished for the party - LL and Ben chilled on the couch and watched a movie.  :)

Here's her party outfit!  Grammy and I brainstormed together to create our own outfit.  NOTHING I found online would work.  Either it wasn't very cute - or I knew there was no way that LL would wear it.  I'm SO HAPPY with how the finished product turned out!

Taking a 5 minute break for the first time all day.

Party time!

I was so happy that Ashley and Preston came!

Kye was super chill - as always.

Coley was the ONLY other girl at the party that was LL's age.  I can't wait until Brittlynn is old enough to play so that LL will have another girlfriend! (ALL of LL's friends are boys!)  I loved that Coley wanted to dress up, too, and she looked so cute!

These two girls have so much fun together!

The party favors were a hit!

Singing to the birthday girl.  She LOVED it!

Present time!

This was the ONLY family picture that we got that day!  LL was not  in the mood for a picture before the party started.  Luckily, Emily snapped this one for us.  She's not smiling, but at least she's looking!

As guests started to leave we headed outside where there was a lot of chalk set up.  The kids enjoyed drawing with that and running around to burn some of that sugar off!

The party was SUCH a hit!  After everyone left, we put LL down for a nap, and I truly realized how exhausted I was.  Matt fixed me a plate of food, and I totally zoned out in this chair for awhile.  Enjoying the balloons, of course.  :)  

It was a WONDERFUL day and I'm so happy that LL enjoyed it so much!  She had a blast and really understood everything that was going on!  Hopefully I can think of something before next year to top this party.  :)


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Ashley T said...

Gah...I look horrible! The party was really awesome! Your family is SO nice!