Monday, February 27, 2012

3 Year Doctor's Appointment

We had LL's three year old well-visit on February 6 - just one day after her birthday.  Here are her stats!

Here is some other information about her visit:

  • We saw a PA that we had never seen before, and I wasn't crazy impressed.  We also had to wait over an hour past our appointment time before we saw anybody.  Not cool.
  • The PA did NOT measure her hemangioma, even though I told her that Dr. Blache did.  This irritated me.  She also seemed to not listen to our concerns about it and how it doesn't seem to be shrinking at all.  She said, "I can see where it used to be and how it has already gotten smaller".....okay....but I really don't take that answer because she's never seen it before!  How does she know it isn't the same size as last year without measuring it?!  
  • We did talk the PA into giving us a referral to a dermatologist to have them look at it, but we have since cancelled the appointment.  I've been doing a good bit of research online and I really don't think that they're going to do anything about it there, either.  Her's is purely a cosmetic issue as it isn't hurting her at all, so they're more than likely not going to recommend anything.  And all of the treatments that I read about (laser surgery, laser treatment, shots INSIDE of it, etc) are just not options that we would pick for her.  I'd like for it to go away, but I'm not going to hurt her for that to happen.  I guess we'll give it a few more years.  
  • They took her blood just like they did last year.  And, again, her hemoglobin was on the low side of normal.  Again, they said it was related to her milk intake.  Matt and I have talked about it extensively, and we're just not going to worry about it.  We're not going to limit her milk intake more than we are now.  She doesn't drink a crazy amount now and, I'm sorry, if my child wants milk (over juice or anything else "bad"), I'm going to give it to her.  It's not like we're giving her soda.  It's milk.
  • When they pricked her finger, LL screamed like a crazy person. She since refers to it as the time when, "The lady cut my finger off".
That was pretty much it for the appointment.  No shots at all!  They did say that her 4 year appointment will be a big one.  They'll prick her finger again AND give her a good amount of shots.  Yay!  Something fun to look forward to!  At least we have a year to prepare - haha.  I am so thankful that we have such a healthy little girl who is growing and developing so well!  We are blessed for sure!


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Amanda said...

We had a PA at our doctor's office that I wasn't crazy impressed with either. It seemed as if he never tried to do anything else for Preslei when she was sick. He's gone now :)

We have Preslei's 4 yr old appointment in a few weeks and I'm DREADING it b/c she's supposed to have like 4 shots. Ugh. :(